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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Awards Gone Wild

Just weeks ago I was just award wanting and now I'm award winning. POOF!! Hmm this must be how Slum Dog Millionaire feels. So here we go....

Meet the bloggers with great taste and please visit them for the fun award details!!:
The Downs Gang
Fairy Princess
I Blame My Mother

The Masked Mommy

Sweet Angel Memories

Mrs. Shy


Seriously! All of these multitasking bloggers should take home awards in multiple categories.
If you get any award from me feel free to break out your happy dance. If you are not too exhausted from your victory dance just pass it on and if you are a rule follower visit the original award giver for detailed rules. I tend to make up my own. I'm sure there is medication for my rule breaking tendencies but I would just forget to take it.
If you were so thrilled you danced yourself to exhaustion then by all means just relax and don't stress. Get some rest. I know you are honored, thrilled and that you love me back. It is one of those things that just goes without saying. HUGS, LOVE AND CONGRATS!

So I Blame my Mother technically just "tagged" me not "awarded" me but it's my blog and I say it is an award so there!
Now for those 25 random things she asked for. Okay! Okay! You only get fourteen. What can I say? I'm an underachiever.

1. I met hubby trapped in an alien abduction class that was posing as Introduction to Geology
2. There has not been a man born into my mom's side of the family for over 70 years.
3. I want a Sea Biscuit
4. I once stayed in a Quichia village and reforested the rain forest.
5. I still spell check tomato and potato.
6. I met Billy Collins and was deeply disappointed. He was more lusty koala than Poet Laureate .
7. I can pinch you with my toes and open doors with my feet.
8. D.C Berry is my hero. He's like a Jimmy Buffett coated Clint Eastwood with a hint of Whitman. 9. I love bacon. EVERYTHING is better with bacon
10. Trier, Germany was one of my favorite places in Europe
11. I have naturally frizzy hair.
12. My grandmother spoke Cherokee.
13. Baby #1 Emergency Cesarean
14. Baby #2 VBAC


Mary Teresa said...

Germany is my favorite place in Europe too! Ok so that is mostly since I have yet to make it out of the country, but I do love it here. =D

Good for you and your award winning, dancing, rejoicing, blog fairy self!

Unknown said...

everythingIS better with bacon!!! i totally agree!!!! congrats on all those great awards!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you!! And congrats for receiving the awards, too! :)

Anonymous said...

When it rains, it pours.

Congrats on the awards.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for my award!! I promise to love, cherish and take care of it, always!

The Masked Mommy said...

Congratulations! And thank you sooo much! This is awesome! I'm having a very good blog day today :-D

Shan G said...

Oh thank you TuTu! You are far too kind!

And bacon....YUUUMMMM! I have southern roots...PORK FAT RULES!! That is why breakfast is my favorite meal, because you can have bacon!

Now I'm rreally craving a bacon and egg sandwich, but I'm out of bacon...DRATS!

vsm/whirling dirvish photography said...

Oh awards are like sugar! They make a day so bright! Kudos!@

The Farmers Wife said...

Ooh, I pinch really hard with my toes too. I also pick stuff up with my feet. Hubs thinks its weird. I have noticed Diva Princess does it too. What can I say, I consider it multi tasking!

Sarah said...

LOL - I understand the short list :)