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Friday, August 26, 2011

Intense Video

I've always told hubby that I would never trade him for another man. You just get the same problems, different man. Most of our agreements are testosterone induced. I have an inability to understand his aversion to flushing and he can't grasp my commitment to finding a true waterproof eyeliner. It was comforting to know that if the back hair in the tub ever got too much to take there was always plan B, Lesbianism. Unfortunately the fierce and talented Deborah Vial shattered my plan B with her latest video. Her video is gritty and shows that wether it comes with a vagina or a penis it still comes with problems. Her voice is amazing and it helped me realize if back hair is the worst of my problems I'm in pretty good shape. So enjoy her voice and haunting video while I go scoop the hair out of the tub drain. You probably want to wait until the kids are in bed for this one!!

P.S: If you are easily offended by same sex couples or on-screen passion then watch it with your eyes closed and dig her voice anyway!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Gambling on Homeschooling

The bad news is the school in our district is known for homeless flashers on the playground and second graders with the ability to spit in feet, not inches. I had the choice of sending princes to a school that should have pepper spray listed on the school supply list or homeschooling her. The great news is that homeschooling is allowing me to skip those pesky math worksheets and teach her something she can actually use later in life, Texas Hold'em. I'll still break out those boring timed tests but they take a back seat to blackjack. Who needs "greater than" and "less than" in the face of real choices like "stay" and "hit me". I even incorporated it into our weekly spelling lesson with words like push, bust, fold, bluff, double and down. Do you think we could hit up Vegas for a little field trip? We would probably run into less nudity and stealing than at our nearest school playground.
As always I am at least 50% serious 100% of the time.