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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Loving Georgia

When we first came to the Augusta area we were miserable. It was hot, sticky and beachless. We missed Hawaii. We missed our friends. We missed the reef walks, waterfalls and sea turtles on Oahu . As temperatures in Georgia dropped our optimism rose. One of the first things our girls fell madly in love with here were Alpacas. The owner of Twisted Fence Ranch opened her home and hearts to our family. She dazzled our girls with her Angora bunny, her llama, alpacas and chickens. For a moment our girls forgot about the adventures they left behind and they smiled. The owner, Judy, showered the girls with information and was so wonderful with both of them. We fed the animals, checked for eggs and even helped sort and wash the wool. Judy is a whirlwind. It seems like there is nothing she can't do. She even won over my shy and stoic daughter. Her energy and kindness inspired our family to try harder. Thank you for helping us conquer our homesickness! Please Click Here  learn more about Twisted Fence Ranch tours, classes and products in Grovetown, Georgia.