I will continue to celebrate motherhood. So if breasts, birth, dilation and mother's milk makes you uncomfortable please consider yourself warned.
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Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm Teething

I've been teething and trying to get my learner's permit. My wisdom teeth are fashionably late. I am nearly thirty and cutting teeth. To top it off I let my driver's license expire. Since I am here in Hawaii and my original license is from Oklahoma I had to start from scratch. I took the written test, got my permit and then joined a bench full of anxious teens for the driving test. Luckily I passed! I eased in under the wire. Thank goodness the tester didn't make me parallel park. I think she knew my limits. My husband loved teasing me. I got him back by calling him "Daddy" while we waited in line for my permit.

What do you think of my blog lift? I have a navigation bar and I am so excited.
I wanted something classic and simple and Krystyn worked hard to make it happen. I am so excited about it. If you are craving a bloggy pick me up just click on the button above.

Now I am off to take the car for a spin. It feels great to be able to drive without a licensed driver over 21!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Domestic Front

Image courtesy of Andy Dunning Photography
Here are some excerpts from some of the love notes hubby and I exchanged while he was in Iraq.

Friday, September 16, 2005 2:42 AM
(From Me Anxious for his "R&R")
Sorry Rew's e-mail got sent 3X. She was helping. I love you very much. We've had a really rough morning. I don't think Rew is feeling good. She hasn't slept well the last few nights and this morning she was so fussy that even a popsicle didn't help. She was just screaming, crying and holding onto my neck so tight I could barely breathe. She had a death grip on me like she was afraid I'd leave if she let up her grip. One handed, I put in a video and we cuddled on the floor for about thirty minutes. I fell asleep with her little arm wrapped around my neck and her face buried in my shoulder. When I woke up she was still awake and had let up her grip a little but wouldn't let me out of arms reach the rest of the morning. At times like this I wish she could tell me what was wrong. It hurts so much not being able to make it better. I love you. I hope I get to hear from you soon. I think with Rew not feeling well and you on your way but not here has made me out of sorts. I'm very emotional. I cried at the grocery store!!! Pathetic, I know. I love you, Jen

What I didn't say but he knew I meant... "I'm lost without you. Faced daily with your mortality is too much. I'm reduced to an anxious mess and even the baby senses it. I'm worried that you will be disappointed in the emotional, whining wreck I've become. "

Friday, September 16, 2005 2:42 AM (His Response)
It's not pathetic baby doll. I have my moments probably more so than you right now. Some days I feel ok and then some I feel as if the world is crashing down, and I can't get home soon enough. I love you darlin'. I hope that you know that. I will be home soon now. I am in Balad, next stop Kuwait. I love you darlin'. jw
Tuesday, October 18, 2005, 4:21 AM
(From Hubby, Already Gone Again)
I am sorry that REW and you are so sad. I wish that I could be there to comfort you this very moment. Although you don't realize it, I do cuddle you in your sleep. Usually at least twice a night. You just smile and cuddle into me. I love you darlin'. Tell REW that Da Da will be home as soon as he possibly can. jw
The real message hidden in every word he ever wrote to me no matter how simple or brief.... "Right now, I am alive. Today, I am in one piece. Today I am whole. Right now you can sleep. Sleep knowing that you were able to log another minute as my wife and not my widow".
Hubby came home after two tours in Iraq. He returned with dirty laundry and fewer love notes. I haven't cried in the grocery store in a long time now but when I do I know he'll love me anyway.
The image in this post is a photograph of a memorial to soldiers who died in Iraq. I am amazed at this photographers ability to capture the brevity of life with a single photograph. This image touched me for obvious reasons. It reminds me that there are so many that did not come home. My heart and love goes to all the families navigating through the pain and loss that I feared daily but never experienced. I am inspired by your strength and in awe of the love that survives war and death.
You can admire more of Andy Dunning's moving photography HERE . The proceeds from his sales go towards volunteer organizations in Latin America. He is happy to offer any image in other sizes as well. Don't be afraid to ask.

And Mama Kat's offering up her weekly bloggy inspiration. Blog over, catch the creative spark. Share your own love letter and more!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Food Smeared and Fashion Forward

Macaroni and cheese really brings out her eyes. Move over Maybelline. The baby is marketing her own line of toddler inspired cosmetics. The line will range in colors and flavors from Kiss My Kraft to Ravioli Rouge. PATENT PENDING ;)

Her Tip: Color isn't just for lips anymore. Mix it up. Dab a pop of color on the end of your nose and don't forget to rub a touch in your hairline. For something a little more dramatic try the full face smear. Her friend rocked the look at this trendy birthday bash!

And you thought primary eye shadows were daring! Seriously people. Bold eyeshadow were such a snack time ago.
Head over to 7 Clown Circus for Wordful fun

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Special Announcements


We will soon be leaving paradise and are gearing up for a new adventure. We hope you stick around for the journey.

15% of all TuTu's Bliss sales from now until August 1st will be donated to March of Dimes!!


If you need some good old fashion bloggy lovin' you should click below. She serves up optimism and prayer with a side of warm fuzzies and it's all free!

Divinely Designed

Use Sally Hansen Spray-On Shower off Hair Remover at your own risk! I have Naired to bare before with no complications. However, three minutes with Sally and I fear I will never be the same. I am red, itchy and chemical burned from high thigh to toe. Yes, I said toe. What can I say? I am a hairy beast. The crazy thing is this little wonder product removed my flesh and somehow managed to leave the hair behind! Now for happier and more exciting news...I am off to slather the back of my legs with Neosporin and frighten the neighborhood children.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm NOT that mom

There are moms that can juggle multiple children, dispute a credit charge and perform open heart surgery while surfing the Internet. I am not THAT mom. I am coming to terms with it. There are also women that can wear "skinny pants" with tapered ankles. I am not that woman either. I have better sense than to ever try to roll my body into "THOSE" pants so why am I still trying to be "THAT" mom? If something doesn't fit just don't wear it. It sounds easy enough. Pants are easy to pass over but my "Supermom" complex is tougher to shelve away. Who can resist a cape and the super human ability to clean, cook and make your own play dough while wearing a stacked wedge and a frilly apron?

I would love to tell you that I am doing something fantastic and inspiring during bloggy lapses. However, I'm not creating an ant farm from a milk bottle and discarded rubber bands. I am not rocking my inner fashion diva or cooking scampi and baking bread from scratch. I am not taking pole dancing classes or learning kick boxing. I am not on a path to self improvement or on a spiritual quest. I am not running a marathon or traveling the world to cure hunger or even working on a novel. I'm really not. I am showering a little longer, napping, microwaving dinner and reading Skippy Jon Jones complete with accents, twice. So if I am not around I may be losing the smack down with my temperamental computer or I might be doing absolutely nothing and I'm okay with that, almost.
You know how much I adore enabling your blog addiction so here you go, click on the button below and prepare to fall head over heels for...

This blog has it all brains, beauty and the belle. What more does a person need? Feeling like your life is missing something? Well, if you haven't blogged over to Snarky Belle and met Natalie it probably is a little incomplete. She is like bacon (In case you don't know bacon is the life force of all tasty food). "Like Bacon" is one of the deepest and most sincere comments I can bestow on a person. She is feisty, makes fun of liberals and I adore her anyway. Not very many people can make fun of Nancy Pelosi and still snag a bacon badge. She is also the latest addition to my favorite award winning Comment Queens. The comments left on Tuesday's Two Cents post were all wonderful but Natalie's really touched me and many others. Sometimes things pop up in my comment box that I hope to never forget and her comment qualifies as one of those moments.

The Comment Queen Award has no rules, requirements or special instructions. It is yours to do with as you will. It is intended to bring the recipient warm fuzzies and requires no work, acknowledgement or even words of gratitude. If you win it you already earned it so just relax and enjoy anyway you see fit!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Help yourself to some Fragments and dish some up ! Just share all those bits and pieces you collect along the way.
I'm having a hard time finding a good woman. I never realized that snagging hubby and starting a family would force me to play the "friend field". Being a single woman dating was easy compared to play dates and the search for my forever mommy friend. I'm looking for a mommy friend that must not be offended when Baby helps herself to a side of breast milk or when Big Sis lifts her dress and uses the hem as a tissue. Her children must be comparable in age and not try to poke the cat's eyes out when they visit. Her husband must be pleasant or just silent, I'm flexible.

I adored the comments on your two cents about extended breastfeeding. You all made me feel so much better about breastfeeding the baby until she goes to college. Why don't any of you understanding mothers live by me?
I do love my fellow blog moms. The wonderful thing is that when we move again I won't have to say Goodbye to any of you. Goodbye is the hardest part of being a military family.

My blog is rioting. First Mr. Linky stood me up for Two Cents Tuesday. He's back now. Feel free to still drop your two cents in a post and link up. I am also having a hard time visiting my favorite blogs. Hmmmmmm

Did you know you can order a box of crumbs from Long John Silver's and they will scoop those tasty crispy balls of fried goodness up for you for FREE? Can you believe it?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Human Pacifier,Your Two Cents

It's time for your two cents. Two Cents is always free, fun and the first Tuesday of every month.

When I first stared blogging nursing my youngest was on the way out and I was sad that she was growing so quickly. Then somewhere between then and now all her signs of self weaning disappeared and that tender bonding feeling become replaced with "Are you done yet?".
Now I find myself caught between my hippy tendency to believe that all things end in their own time and my ever growing disenchantment with nursing a child old enough to unfasten my buttons. I am also feeling guilty for that uncontrollable facial twitch I used to have when any mother mentioned nursing past two. My youngest princess is always shattering my preconceived notions of good parenting. My first child weaned herself and I was delusional enough in my new mommy high to think it was a reflection of my superior mothering skills. I am learning that most of the things I took credit for were just beginners luck.
A survey I saw (sorry I don't remember where) showed an overwhelming percentage of people thought nursing past one year was "creepy". Just months ago I would have agreed. Now I'm thinking "Cut us some slack here people, pretty please".
Please share Your Two Cents or ask for some in the comment box or link up below. Thanks for playing along. Two Cents is your time to give YOUR two cents so be free, be opinionated and play nice.
(Mr. Linky is being tempermental....hmmmm. Mr. Linky Where are you?)

Monday, May 4, 2009


On the way to the movies I did NOT notice my hairy knee peaking out from under my capris. Nope not me. I shave my ENTIRE leg, always. I was NOT thrilled that Wolverine spent most of the movie nearly naked. That man is a complete waste of shirt. I did not curse the kind characters who offer him clothes. Can't he eat naked? I just find it frustrating when non essentials (like clothes) mess with a great plot. I am not still 100% hot for my own clawless husband. Who still has a crush on their husband? It just isn't natural. I can't have him thinking that weeks of him being afflicted with asscitis can be kissed away. If he knows that I still melt like butter when he wraps his arm around my waist, pulls me close and smells my hair he would be impossible to live with. So I do not melt like butter EVER. I also do NOT adore the shirt he got me from "Xavier's School of the Gifted". I read things of substance and never ever fall for comic books or watch old episodes of She-Ra. I am too busy reading Milton and pondering the mysteries of the universe to be hooked on frivolous entertainment and a nearly naked Hugh Jackman. Who needs Hugh when you have Milton. See?

Poor Hugh never stood a chance against Milton. Is Milton a touch sexy or is it just me?

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
TWO CENTS TUESDAY POSTING SOON!! Do you have your Two Cents ready? Give it or get on the first Tuesday of every month on..well...anything! I hope you all stop by later tonight and link up. Hugs, Jen