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Monday, May 24, 2010

Turtles, Tornadoes and Depression

The girls have tumbled head first into our tornado and turtle filled new life. Every lightning bug, hummingbird and awe smothered smile makes me miss my husband. I want him here with me. I want to be curled in the crook of his arm, head tucked under his chin and back against his chest while we watch the girls hunt for acorns. I want him to hear the squirrel and rabbit induced squeals of pure glee first hand. This world is so new to them. Hawaii didn't have squirrels, opossums and lightning bugs. June bugs and snakes are mysterious monsters and lightning bugs hold the same magical wonderment as unicorns. Despite the laughter and the joy I can't shake feeling like Dorothy. Where are a set of ruby red slippers when you need them? I'm learning home is where the heart is and my heart is split between our beautiful daughters and hubby. They are proving resilient. They miss their Daddy but they're filling up the empty space with adventure and grandparent hugs. I'll live the year split. Half of my heart here with the girls and half with hubby. I will work my own magic and morph into a two hearted beast miraculously pumping in both Oklahoma and Afghanistan.

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