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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Terry Jones is NOT my friend

I have no respect for people who pick fights they are not willing and capable of finishing. Terry Jones will NOT be in Afghanistan to put out the fire he starts. I won't have time to burn books on Sept. 11th. I will be too busy sending love and prayers to my husband. He doesn't have the luxury of hiding behind a lighter and letting others take the heat. It is easy to start a fire. It takes true courage to brave the flames and put the fire out. Terry Jones is not a hero. He is not the voice of America. Yes, we are a military family. However, we still fight to greet the day with love in our hearts. I am thinking of all of you with love in my heart regardless of your religon or where you were born. I am hoping your child lives a life of love and respect regardless if their bedtime story comes from the Koran or Bible. No child deserves to live a life of fear and hate. My heart is open to you and my lighter is down.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This is Depressing

If you're modest avert your eyes!!

It's official, the local insects are getting more action in two minutes than I'll get all year. On the upside I don't have to shave my legs until hubby comes home on leave! Just imagine how much I'm saving on razor blades, creams and wax! Gillette will probably start to see a drop in profits now that I don't even have to shave below the knee.