I will continue to celebrate motherhood. So if breasts, birth, dilation and mother's milk makes you uncomfortable please consider yourself warned.
Follow at your own risk. You'll find the follow button at the bottom of the side bar.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

For Tuesday

This beautiful princess and her story of life and love is one I will not forget. I will remember Tuesday on Tuesday and every day in between forever. I will hold my family a little longer and love them with an increased intensity. I will remember Tuesday's strength and her story of love. I will think of her family and the generosity they showed in sharing their family and opening their hearts and life to the world during such a difficult time. Please blog by and let them know they are loved and that their princess touched hearts across the globe. In honor of Tuesday and her infectious smile I will not be blogging back over until Tuesday. I will be busy giving my family an extra dose of time and attention with thoughts of Tuesday in my heart.

Hugs and Love, Jen

Friday, January 30, 2009

ALOHA Reveal #3

Kona Coffee!!! The winner of the Aloha Give Away will also win Kona Coffee, your choice of regular or Vanilla Macadamia Nut flavor! Please don't forget to spread the word.
Kona Coffee
Li Hing Powder
Chocolate Macadamias
Handmade Soap
Papaya Seed Dressing
more to come!! As participation grows so does the prize!
Ships from Hawaii to anywhere in the United States.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let Them Eat Dirt!

Did you hear? Dirty is the new clean. To celebrate we took the girls to the beach for a bite to eat. Did you know that there are is more bacteria in sand than water? HMMMM maybe I will get that mom of the year award after all. She's not getting filthy or eating goo. She is building her immunity, double time.

WOOO HOOO! Article: Dirt is Good For Babies!!

* Please don't send me reminders that wet sand is not the same as good old fashion dirt. I do not want to even know about all the
bacteria, fungi, parasites
and viruses found in beach sand. Raising two princesses is scary enough as it it. Just let me wallow in this bit of dirty hope, for now. Pretty Please!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Give Away REVEAL #2

Aloha Give Away Click HERE for details
I wish I could have boxed up some sunshine and sent it to all you snow bunnies and ice princesses yesterday. We slurped a shaved ice and photographed turtles. Since I can't box sunshine, endangered species or shaved ice I picked up this instead to add to the Aloha Give Away..
uuuummmmm WHAT is THAT?!
It is ground plum extract, salt and Licorice
Okay. Now what do I doooo with it?!
Just sprinkle it on fresh pineapple or star fruit. It is so tasty.
use it on the rim of your favorite Margarita instead of salt
Try this Li Hing Margarita Recipe
***Margarita and fresh fruit not included

There is a famous place to go in Haleiwa for shaved ice. Many celebrities have been known to kick back there. THIS is not THAT place. THAT place is nice but always crowded and they give wooden spoons. I don't like wooden spoons (I know. I know. I'm just odd). THIS place is called AOKI'S
and is just down the road from the famous place. We love it and the women that work there are always so sweet and adorable. There is rarely a line and always a seat on the bench with a great view of the picturesque church.

Want to link up today and join a blog carnival? Just click above for Wordful Wednesday!

I got Smoked!!!

I was feeling pretty generous about giving away some Aloha favorites until I came across this AMAZING GIVE AWAY from Yummy Mummy
A $50 Target gift card & Fridays gift card plus more!!! And TWO winners!!!!! So I got smoked. I'm shopping the Island today to add to my ALOHA give away. I've been inspired by her to up my game. Any prize suggestions? Special requests?
Want to visit me in Hawaii? The closet and patio are now spoken for but the pantry is still up for grabs! And yes, you CAN sleep on the beach. Camping Information

Monday, January 26, 2009

This Uterus Didn't Blossom


During labor with my first daughter I thought, "Epidurals are for Weenies!" Buck up and take it like a woman. My uterus was a flower, just like my peace loving Lamaze instructor said. With each contraction my womb unfurled like a rose opening. I was six centimenters dilated and maintaining composure during a complicated pregnancy and then POOF out the door went my desire to have a "natural" childbirth. I had an emergency Cesarean and my daughter spent a week in NICU and longer with specialists.
So for number two I was unafraid of the "pain". I just wanted a healthy baby via VBAC. I was still positive that every woman's uterus could "blossom" and epidurals were for weenies. Then I was hit with Braxton hits that rivaled my pit juiced first baby contractions. When official baby day hit I was on my knees before I even hit the hospital. My uterus was NOT a flower blooming, these petals were not unfurling. My Uterus was an carnivorous woman eating plant. I begged for drugs. The anesthesiologist was "indisposed" for over two hours. There was a woman screaming when I gave birth to my first daughter and I thought, "Simmer down. I'm trying to have a baby here. It's not that bad". Now I know her uterus was an angry plant. Dear brave soul, I'm sorry I doubted you. Rest assured that God has a sense of humor and put the smack down on my smugness. I nearly heard his voice beneath my own screaming agony, "Ah Ha! Take that Little Mrs. Mom Snobbery!".
** My two cents is that just like every baby is different so is every birth even right down to the contractions. Be warned!
Don't forget to add your two cents on anything, anytime! The code is available on the side and you can click below for the rules. Thanks for joining in!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Caffeine Fortified Goodness

This is not MY baby slurping down the last few drops of caffeine fortified goodness that I left behind. Nope. Don't raise your eyebrows! It was NOT me. My children indulge in nothing more than filtered water and hormone free milk. I'm an organic wielding poster mom, a pillar of nutrition at all times. I did not drink my weight in Dr.Pepper from a cup as large as a small child and then share the syrup packed sweetness with the baby. That was NOT me. I did not ever think of tricking her off the breast by trying to pump breast milk into a Taco Bell cup. Nope.

Now it's your turn to fess up! What did you NOT do, have never done? Join in on

The Competition

Le Musings of Moi

The giving spirit must be contagious because there are fabulous prizes popping up all over the place! Click above for a peak at my favorite prize. I really really really want that snuggly from Le Musings of Moi and that I am also very jealous of her adorable button and stunning blog.
You can get a run down on some of the best prizes by visiting SITS
I owe it to them for letting me know about stunning pendants and a very special way to help a very special little girl, Tuesday. To learn more about Princess Tuesday and her fight with neuroblastoma then START HERE !
Since I adore contests I'm taking my place on the giving side and sharing my slice of paradise with all of you in an ALOHA GIVE AWAY ! GOOD LUCK!!

Aloha Give Away Reveal

The Aloha give away will start with a sampling of my favorite things on the Island. I will be adding special surprises for about two weeks and add treats as the contest grows so the more you share the bigger the prize!! My favorite place on Oahu is the North Shore so most products will be coming from there. If you want to guess at things to come or see some of the best kept secrets on Oahu then please visit, Waialua Sugar Mill

Just comment on any of the prizes now or those revealed in the next two weeks. The best part is the more participation and new followers the bigger the prize. Be sure to follow along so that you don't miss any reveals and to keep the prize growing by sharing the ALOHA. Comment every time a new prize is revealed to increase your odds of winning.
The winner will be chosen at random. Praise is greatly appreciated and encouraged but not necessary and will not increase your chances of winning.
Sampling of my favorite handmade soaps from North Shore Soap Factory
Caramacs &
Chocolate covered Macadamias from Hawaiian Host
Papaya Seed Dressing (My absolute favorite treat!!!)
Li Hing Powder
Kona Coffee
Carved Coconut Dish
Aloha Hand Towel from Curly Top Boutique
"Beauty Pack" from Purse Passion
Sand and Sea bracelet from My Precious Peanut Designs
Hershey's Kisses with Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts
Chocolate Covered COFFEE beans
Guava Macadamia Cookies
Papaya-Pineapple Jam
Pineapple Kettle Korn
Little Hawaiian Cookbooks "Tastes & Flavors of Hawai'i"

I look forward to sharing a little sampling of paradise with you. I hope you fall in-love with some new things and this peak at my favorite things brightens your day.
Mahalo, Jen

Prize ships from my island paradise to your kingdom anywhere within the United States or APO/AE addresses. I apologize but due to shipping costs the prize will not be shipped outside the United States.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Comment Queens

These women are a party in your comment box! Blog over and send them an invite! They are hysterical and always on time!
Annie Kelleher (Her comments are a bright spot in my day)
Blissful Blunders (her honest rant in itself is award worthy!)
And leave it to the ladies over at Idabel to serve up a racy party snack like chocolate dipped hotties. Curious?
If you missed out on the Two Cents Party don't be too heartbroken. We'll do it again next week and you can always join in on last week because the party never ends. Mr. Linky will make a Monday night appearance. So get ready to break out your two cents on the topic of your choice or even ask for it.
I've been inspired by the very pregnant, My Little Love, to share my two cents on childbirth next so get ready!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Aloha Give Away

The North Shore is our favorite place for a dose of sunshine and shaved ice. It is hardly ever crowded and full of secret spots, caves and sea turtles waiting to be discovered. This spot has a neat little cave that we crawl into. It is our secret lair. We have spent many a sunny day cowering in the shaded cubby surrounded by mermaids, baby dragons and sea monsters. What is your favorite local treat or secret spot?
PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek
It's time to celebrate with an ALOHA Prize Basket!! I feel stingy keeping paradise to myself so I am compiling a sampling of all my favorite Hawaiian treats and sending it to ONE lucky person. Here is the very best part..as participation increases so does the prize! Be sure to follow along so you don't miss the grand reveal and the contest deadline!

A hint: It will start with a ton of fragrant, delicious and good enough to eat Hawaiian favorites. This basket is the WHOLE SHEBANG! Sneak Peak Coming soon!!! Any guesses or special requests?

Just post a question to join in on Aloha Friday, hosted by An Island Life!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Joy in Oklahoma

I lived in Europe, hiked South America and am now snuggle up in paradise but some of my favorite and most joyous times were spent in Oklahoma. Oklahoma was a beautiful awe inspiring place to live. Live like you vacation and vacation like you live. That means in your day to day life skip the movies. Skip the food chains. You don't have to wait for a vacation to experience new things. If you do this you can discover joy anywhere. Even your hometown can feel like a five star resort. Many of my most joyous times were spent at the following places throughout Oklahoma...
Robbers Cave (First friend date with hubby followed by our first "not so friend" kiss)
Heavener Rune Stone http://www.oklahomaparks.com/detail.asp?id=1%2B5U%2B5325
Turner Falls http://www.turnerfallspark.com/
**Safari's Sanctuary http://www.safarissanctuary.org/ ( One of my absolute favorite places in the entire world. It even trumped the Eiffel tower. It is a treasure and a reflection of a handful of animal lovers trying to save the world, one exotic animal at a time)
Winding Stair Trail http://www.trimbleoutdoors.com/ViewTrip.aspx?TripID=15855
**Molly's Landing Steakhouse http://www.mollyslanding.com/
(Located in Catoosa, OK. It could double as an adventure! It is amazing in every way.)
Pete's Place (Krebs, OK)
The Cattleman's Steakhouse (Oklahoma City)
The Original Coney Islander (Tulsa)

Moving to Oklahoma or planning an Oklahoma vacation? To make the most of your Oklahoma experience you must remember in the event of a possible tornado do NOT hide in the cellar, bathtub or other reasonably safe location. Instead, at least once, stand outside and be prepared to get God Smacked. It's just what we do. In the winter tie an inner tube to the back of the SUV and tube down the ice covered road. It's not safe but it is free fun!
Oklahoma is diverse and brimming with art. It is not just for rednecks and country music lovers. However, you should line dance at a small town country bar at least once. Just mind your manners and hold off on your redneck jokes. Sooners and Cowboys both practice "Nearly Southern Hospitality". What is "Nearly Southern Hospitality? A dose of brutal honesty punctuated with a smile and delivered with the best intentions.
Right now you can vote for the Oklahoma Blog Awards and some of my very favorite bloggers are up for nomination.

Okie Bloggers on the fence please swing in the direction of my favorites
** http://todayinidabeloklahoma.blogspot.com/
( Idabel is my personal favorite blog of all time. It is so deliciously random)

Joyous Moments prompted by Mama's Losin' It. More prompts to choose from if you click on the link above and visit Mama Kat. She practices "Nearly Southern Hospitality" too. She must be an Okie!

Found: One Mermaid Egg

Will hatch soon!
Did you know that all fantasy creatures lay eggs? Seeds, berries, rocks and nuts are really fairies, dragons, mermaids and flying tigers waiting to hatch. Have you seen anything magical today?

What can I say? I'm the kind of girl who can never choose and wants to have it all.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

FAQ Two Cents

Two cents is all about giving and getting the best free advice on the web. Two Cents is always FREE and meant to be FUN! Two cents is not a debate but an exercise in sharing your opinion and embracing advice like a wonderful free gift. So here are some of the most common questions about Two Cents …
Do I have to stick with the topic?
NOPE! It is all about YOUR two cents. Feel free to branch out and give your own advice. The best part about Two Cents is you always get more than you asked for.
Can Two Cent Posts be a question?
OF COURSE! Want to know if you should go back to brunette or how to deal with your in-laws? Go ahead. Just ask and link up. I love open invitations for my two cents on your life. :)
What do I do if I don't like someone's two cents?
Well it's FREE. So like free food you take it and move on. You don't have to like it or even eat it but you shouldn't complain or send it back either.
Is Two Cents only on Tuesday's?
No. I will post my very own two cent post with Mr. Linky the first Tuesday of every month but you can jump in at anytime.
Can I use the two cent logo on my own blog?
Yes and I will love you forever if you do. But it is not a requirement. Just grab the code from the sidebar and enter it as HTML.
Do I have too…?
Probably not. I don't follow rules so I rarely make them.
Signing Mr. Linky?
You will see a little box at the bottom of the post. Just enter your name like this:
Bertha (Dating) and a link to your TWO CENT post
Putting the main topic of your post in parentheses next to your name is helpful but try to keep it short.
Where the flip is Mr. Linky?
He SHOULD be at the bottom of the most recent Tuesday Two Cents post. If he is not there I have no clue. Seriously, I do this stuff while nursing a keyboard loving infant. I'm just lucky to keep milk off the computer. I wouldn't even know that I have been living my life as a no-reply commenter if not for my favorite Tattooed Mom.
Update: Sometimes I like to mix thing up and go Mr. Linky free. In the event that I'm feeling wild just let me know about your Two Cents post in the comment section and I will type it in by hand.
What's in it for me?
Glory, warm fuzzies and a little more glory.

Now that we're clear. Post your two cents. Give it up! I know you have some! Thank you for supporting, sharing and loving Two Cents. I am digging your two cents on everything from chocolate dipped Mathew Matthew McConaughey from Idabel
to Christmas Overkill from Mary Teresa

Eye Candy? Your Two Cents!

First I have to say that when I think of eye candy the first thing that pops into my mind is Caramacs. Milk Chocolate covered, caramael and Macadamias made here in Hawaii. I think that is a reflection of my age, I mean wisdom. I'm just at that point in my life where my idea of eye candy is REAL honest to goodness candy.
Next to Caramacs and my own hubby (of course) is Wolverine and The Scorpion King. No I do NOT mean Hugh Jackman or Dwayne Johnson. I mean the metal infused X-man and shirtless Arcadian that do NOT really exist. Now I am not sure what that says about me. Hmm, a craving for rough and tumbily bad boys only accesible via comic books, movies and video games? That can't be good. So what does your favorite eye candy say about you? And can someone , anyone please explain to me why MALE eye candy seems to have a longer shelf life than FEMALE eye candy? It just doesn't make any sense. Is it in the preservatives?

Two Cents: Give it, get it and showcase it in your very own post or in the comment section. Just remember two cents is a free gift. You don't have to love it but no returns will be issued on FREE two cents. I braved Mr. Linky. I'm a little afraid. An empty Mr.Linky is like being stood up on a blind date. Please don't leave him feeling all empty inside.
Last Week's Comment Queen Award Winners will be unveiled very soon. There are two and both came from the last Two Cents post on plastic surgery. The comments to that post were ALL very wise and hysterical.
CLICK HERE and visit the comment section
to check them out and try to guess my two favorites! BE WARNED the comment section should come with a KEGEL ALERT. So fellow incontinence suffering mom's please consider yourself warned!
Thank you LORI
for the MR. LINKY inspiration!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Too Sexy for My Sticker

I did not pimp the passenger side of our sexy ride (The Honda) while everyone checked me out. I did not think, "Oh, yeah I still got it". I did not revel in my smoking hot "double take" good looks for over two hours. Full of my sexy self I did not then flip my hair and give hubby a full on dose of my smoldering sexy stare. I did not ask out loud, "Do I look sexy today or what? Is it just me or is everyone checking me out?" And he absolutely did NOT reach across the console and finally remove the HUGEMONGOUS sticker my lovely princess had planted smack dab in the middle of my forehead! Rest assured, he did not laugh hysterically. Nope, NEVER happened. I am too together to ever sport a sticker all over the entire Island without noticing and not vain enough to think they were digging my no make-up, sweatshirt wearing hotness. So if you were cruising Hawaii and saw a milk stained mommy with roots down to her ears rocking a sticker like she was the new JLO, it was NOT me! This moment is brought to you in the name of "Not Me Monday" hosted by the always dazzling and hysterically honest,

Photo Contest

I know that many of you are complete photo junkies just like me. I have no skill or talent but since I love being out of my league I'm joining in on the photo competition. Plus I wanted to inspire my truly award worthy friends to follow my lead. So here is one of my favorite pictures of my pacifier loving princess for the contest. Wish me luck and don't forget to join in and check out my competition. They make a stunning collection of fellow photography lovers!
Photo Contest

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let's Be Honest!

It's official, I'm award worthy and loving it. Thanks for making my day! So now I get to tell you ten honest things about me. I suffered many years from mom snobbery before being cured by my "base jumping" second baby. I officially lost all chance at my Mommy of the Year Award when the little precrawler plummeted from our bed sans parachute. Since the award is HONEST SCRAP this is where I admit that I actually lost my Mommy Award with my FIRST daughter when I really wanted to put my colicky princess on the back porch and sit inside curled up with some silence. I didn't but the desire knocked me from the running before she was even a solid three months. I do have a temper and I'm fierce when provoked. I have managed to avoid assault charges, not because I am exceptionally kind and loving but because I only pick fights I can win. Since I am really a small priss parading as a feminist hippy that pretty much eliminates all physical violence. Honestly, I WAS really small. Now my bottom is morphing into medium and headed in the direction of large. So I guess I'm a Smedium, for now. Finally, I'm a first class wuss. When hubby is in Iraq I sleep with lights on, a can of hairspray and a baseball bat. Hey, I never clamied to be rational! I think that is only about seven honest things. The rest are implied.
If you get this award just do a happy dance and consider it done. If you are not too exhausted from your victory dance you can pass it on to five bloggers and share ten honest things about yourself. If you were so thrilled you danced yourself to exhaustion then by all means just relax and don't stress. Get some rest. I know you are honored, thrilled and that you love me back. It is one of those things that just goes without saying.
Five honest award worthy blogs…
FUNNIEST POST EVER! Courtesy of Midwest Mommy
My Favorite Ducky the girl that every Ladies Night Out needs on the guest list!
Failing Gracefully An intriguingly honest and blunt look at the trials and tribulations of baby wanting.
A Newbie Gaining momentum and getting better by the minute.
Paula My 63rd follower. Yippee! Gotta love a girl willing to air her dirty laundry.

I would also like to briefly iAdd Imagenterrupt this post to introduce you to my newest, latest and greatest "Martha Worthy" friend. Seriously her blog is so gorgeous that she gives Martha a run for her money. Martha who? THE Martha! Her blog is, Imperfectly Beautiful
Imperfectly? HMMMM , I haven't seen anything imperfect yet. I'm still waiting and coveting her adorable haircut.
Don't forget this Tuesday's topic is Eye Candy. So give it up. What's your two cents? You can share your two cents on love at first site, Hollywood Hunks or anything else you want. I'll be posting a glimpse at my idea of the ultimate eye candy and asking your two cents on what it says about me.
And thank you for making my dayKATIE by sharing a great award and a daily peak at your adorable blog banner!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Baby Mohawk

Missy Mo has finally grown out of her God given mohawk and I am a little bummed. When it first popped up I was distressed. I smoothed it, moussed it, greased it and wrestled it into temporary smooth hair submission. What was a mommy to do with a mohawk sporting princess? I was left with a choice:
Keep fighting
Total Surrender

Hmmm. So I pinked it up and made a tutu to match. I think it brings out her eyes. Don't you?
Fellow Photo Junkies join in on:
PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Something new and last minute Aloha Friday just a simple question, no frills and lots of Aloha

But I am going to cheat. I'm stealing and answering Sarah's Movie Question instead I suggest everyone rent Thomas Crown Affair. It is a great movie and I love it. Save your money. Do not rent Burn After Reading.
Favorite movie? Movies to avoid? I'm listening.

P.S: The next Two Cents Tuesday
topic is Eye Candy. As always it's your two cents so roll with it. Top ten list, ideal man description or your two cents on love at first sight, the possibilites are endless. Two cents is FREE so join in and always get more than you pay for!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Something Sexy

It was even more than the tall, dark and handsome thing he had going on. Hubby radiated inner bad boy and the good girl in me loved it. However, that has faded away. You just can’t retain that bad boy vibe while humming the soundtrack to “Harold and the Purple Crayon”. He is unashamed. He’ll break out singing "Backyardigans" anywhere, anytime. That is the true secret to his growing sex appeal. He is fearless. Anyone can plunge down a black diamond ski run on one ski, serve in Iraq or dive off a bridge but true courage comes when you are unafraid to show up in full battle rattle, fairy dusted. Our four year old princess always sees to it that every surface is glittered. Daddy’s uniform is no exception. He bravely surrenders to our two daughters and all the sparkle that comes with the territory.

This bold devotion to our family is the main reason I still keep him around. Otherwise, I would have given him the ax the second time I took a midnight plunge in the toilet. I adore him enough to quietly pop myself free from the toilet’s grip, dry off and snuggle back up against him. He is that special. He is the kind of man that retains that "something sexy" even while baby wearing and grooving to toddler tunes. Hubby is proof that there is nothing more attractive than a faithful man who is not afraid to love, treasure and honor his family.

* For the sake of honesty even though he really is that special I am occasionally wicked and smack him ever so sweetly in the face with the pillow before snuggling up against him and forcing him to repeat the mantra, “Toilet Seat Down or Jenny Will Drown”.
If you would like to join in on this writer's workshop then blog on over to Mama Kat's and pick one of the four prompts. Don't you love choices? This week is diverse with prompts from theft to poetry. I hope you join in and go sign her Mr.Linky!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Latest Comment Queen

not only leaves comments but includes great and funny tips. So click over and visit SARAH for more fun tips and comment leaving goodness.

Here is the comment that earned her her title,
"Great post! My husband's side of the fam is Peruvian and they use breastmilk for all kinds of cures...squirt it in the eye for pink eye...really, they had my SIL do that to her child while in Peru (far from any *medical* help)...it worked, who knew?! LOL And a clean house just gets in the way of fun!"
In response to Locked, Loaded and Lactating

My tip is start bringing the comments out of the box and give the best ones the glory they deserve. Some comments are too great to waste away hidden in the comment section. Works for me!! Want to now more about Comment Queens? CLICK HERE

And don't forget to visit Rocks in My Dryer for more fun tips from over 200+ bloggers and still counting!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your Two Cents Pretty Please

I would love it if you would share some free Two Cents. Give it or get it on everything from love to money and all the stuff in between. There is only one rule: Two Cents is free and you always get more than you pay for so, "You get what you get and you don't get upset". Two cents should be treated like free food, if you don't like it just don’t eat it.
Do I have to stick with the topic?
NOPE! It is all about YOUR two cents. Feel free to branch out and give your own advice. The best part about Two Cents is you always get more than you asked for.
Can Two Cent Posts be a question?
OF COURSE! Want to know if you should go back to brunette or how to deal with your in-laws? Go ahead. Just ask and link up. I love open invitations for my two cents on your life. :)
What do I do if I don't like someone's two cents?Well it's FREE. So like free food you take it and move on. You don't have to like it or even eat it but you shouldn't complain or send it back either.
Must I link up on Tuesday's?
No. I will post my very own two cent post with Mr. Linky the first Tuesday of every month but you can jump in at anytime.
Can I use the two cent logo on my own blog?
Yes and I will love you forever if you do. But it is not a requirement. Just grab the code from the sidebar and enter it as HTML.
Do I have too…?
Probably not. I don't follow rules so I rarely make them.Signing Mr. Linky?You will see a little box at the bottom of the post. Just enter your name like this:Bertha (Dating) and a link to your TWO CENT post. Putting the main topic of your post in parentheses next to your name is helpful but try to keep it short.
Where the flip is Mr. Linky?
He SHOULD be at the bottom of the most recent Tuesday Two Cents post. If he is not there I have no clue. Seriously, I do this stuff while nursing a keyboard loving infant. I'm just lucky to keep milk off the computer. Sometimes I like to mix thing up and go Mr. Linky free. In the event that I'm feeling wild just let me know about your Two Cents post in the comment section and I will type it in by hand.

Now that we're clear. Post your two cents. Give it up! I know you have some! Thank you for supporting, sharing and loving Two Cents. I am digging your two cents on everything from chocolate dipped Mathew Matthew McConaughey from Idabelto Christmas Overkill from Mary Teresa
My First Ever Two cents on plastic surgery....
Once upon a time I thought plastic surgery was cheating and just plain unfair. Breast augmentation, face lifts and Botox raised the bar too high for all of us determine to walk in the skin God gave us. However, my milk titties have deflated and my prebaby body is in hiding and I am starting to reevaluate. It was easy for me, perky and smooth skinned, to point my wrinkle free finger at those Botox loving, tummy tuck addicts. Now I am a little weathered and my foundation is showing some cracks. I am starting to think of it more like maintenance than cheating. If your roof springs a leak wouldn't you spring for some new shingles? To not fix it would be irresponsible, neglectful. Let's face it, no one wants to see my rain buckets. I'm just not sure where I stand on this one anymore. What about you? Where do you draw the line? Do you have your own set of "paid and perkies"?
My Mother and Grandmother both had boob jobs. I do remember my Grandma's bust was permanently twenty something until the day she died. Shocked they were doing implants back then? Well, we are a feminine family of pioneers from the top of our cleavage to the tips of our toes. Grandma braved, a not so safe injection, directly under the skin all for the sake of beauty. My mom couldn't lift her arms for weeks. She was dainty so they inserted them via her armpits. Hmmm maybe mediocre breasts, vanity and insecurity are all genetic.
Want to join in? There is only one rule: Two Cents is free and you always get more than you pay for so, "You get what you get and you don't get upset". Two cents should be treated like free food, if you don't like it just don’t eat it. If you want to use the two cents icon it's all yours, just snag the code from the sidebar for your own blog. Post your two cents on your blog or in the comment section. Jump in on the current topic or start from scratch.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hugh Jackman VS. Portia

DISCLAIMER:I retain the right to tease, exaggerate, embellish and rant about my own husband's testosterone induced bad behavior. My husband is not perfect but he is perfect for me. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea and think I'm still on the market. So for ALL of you (guys, girls and Hugh Jackman included) who have been searching for a leaking mommy with two kids, dry skin and a lack of will power to shave, I am NOT your girl. Please don't be too disappointed. There are many other sleep deprived, oatmeal crusted moms that would love to meet you. No I will NOT introduce you. You will just have to borrow your niece and hit up playgroup like all the other single guys.
This morning I did NOT think maybe Ellen DeGeneres and Portia are on to something. I did NOT tell my husband, "Babe I will never leave you for another testosterone suffering male but another woman might not be off the table.". What kind of loving wife would say such a thing to her sexy and adoring hubby?
Well....see here is the thing….
Ellen has never had to worry about cleaning up Portia's chest hair. I am certain Portia, even if she had chest hair, would not trim it and then bundle the black curly mess up and tuck it in the corner of the bathroom for safe keeping. A woman would NEVER do this. So, Ellen would not, unknowingly, pick up the neatly and deceptively folded bath towel. She would not swaddle their hypothetical baby in a pile of black and curlies. The baby would not be curly coated, thus negating the whole time and effort just spent bathing the baby. I am positive that when Ellen was working on her Pro&Con list, Hugh Vs Portia, that this scenario made her con list. It may have very well tipped the scales in Portia's favor.

In case you are wondering, I did NOTand have NEVER accidentally curly coated the baby in my husband's chest hair. I would know better and take note that Hugh Jackman/ Wolverine can shave his chest hair in my tub anytime. Now please excuse me while I go rewash the baby.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Prize for My Photography Friends

I know all my picture loving friends are going to dig this give away for an adorable camera strap cover. I must confess, I wasn't even going to tell you about it because I was being greedy. In the end it is just to good to keep to myself. To enter just blog on over to The Secret is in The Sauce and enter for a chance to win. Good Luck!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Please Help Blog Yoda!

Is there a blog Yoda up to the task of telling me how to get one of those handy buttons? You know the one that says grab my button and has the clickable code for your very own button? I am at a loss. I am FINALLY trying to get blog savvy and have even decided to play with Mr. Linky but first things first.

The Little Things

Recipe for Family Fun:
A Bucket of suds
A Dirty Car

Hubby always lets Rew help wash the car and it is one of her favorite things to do on the entire Island. She is always so proud and happy to help Daddy.
Click Below to Join in on Friday Foto Finish Fiesta or Photo Story Friday. They are both great and perfect for my fellow photo junkies! Sorry I couldn't choose between the two. I am the Master of Indecision.


PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Move Over Wonder Woman

I was rolling in the floor when I read Midwest Mommy's Post on her Beaver Tails Please tell me I am not the only one that can relate! Her post helped me come to terms with the fact that my prebaby body has abandoned me and left behind more jiggle than wiggle.

Where have all my toned body parts gone? My breasts aren't even Beaver Tails. They are so far from their former glory that I think they have ditched me altogether. I should have known they would make a break for it. My second daughter's habit of sideways nursing left both nipples pointing in opposite directions. I was the "Go-Go Gadget" of nursing mothers with at least three inches of elasticity. Come to think of it, I have earned my own superhero name. Wonder Woman has nothing on me. Who needs bullet-deflecting bracelets anyway? I have your lasso of truth, two of them and mine are built in. I am so fearsome that I think even my own pelvic floor has abandoned me. So move over Wonder Woman and take your eternally perky breast with you but leave me that golden tiara.

Pretty Please.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Snotty Naughty Feels Better

Little Sis is still snot crusted but feeling good enough to make trouble and messes. She is no longer our little lady. She has earned snotty naughty status. Gone are the days of sick baby cuddles and daddy snuggle time. She is on the table, in the toilet, over the couch and off cord hunting. This is my punishment for my mom snobbery. I used to raise my eyebrows at THOSE mothers whose children were bumped and bandaged. My internal criticism went like this,
"Don't you watch your child, childproof your home?! Shame on you!!"
HA! Now I know, boy do I know! There are not enough safety latches in the world. Shame on me for not cutting those worn out, miss matched moms some slack. Special thanks to my wild and tiny princess for sharpening my mommy reflexes and serving me up some humble pie. She is just what I needed but didn't have the good sense to ask for. She is perfect in every messy, adventure seeking way.
Big Sis has finally caught Little Sister's cold. Her dainty little nose has sprung a leak and trust me, it isn't liquid gold. Our booger free days seem so far in the past. Am I next?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Free Magic Fantasy Photo Tips

Easily add touches of magic to your photos with Photobuckets free scrapbooking feature. Just visit photobucket, upload your favorite photos and click create scrapbook. Choose a theme and then click on pages (at the top) and add a new page. Add your photo and BIPPITY BOOPITY BOO let the magic begin..

My favorite touches can be found under the sticker option..
Want fairy wings?
Go to stickers and enter keyword search butterfly
Size them to fit
mask the join with flower stickers, diamonds, bows or pearls
Play with the opacity bar for a more natural look
Magic Dust? Align Center
Enter keywords sparkle or glitter
You can also find angel wings, clouds, tiaras and a ton of other magical touches under the add sticker option in Scrapblog. Sorry to dissapoint you but the frog was already included.
PLEASE NOTE:Once you finish your page you will only be able to save the individual scrapbook pages by accessing the scrapook from the side bar under ALBUMS. You will also have to access it this way to crop and edit completed pages.

A special thanks to Mamarazzi for sharing her adorable froggy photos with me!
If you haven't vistited her yet blog on over now. Her visual posts are always fun little treasures.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Introducing the Comment Queens

Here is a little secret, very often the comments on my posts are better than the posts. I loooove reading them and generally fall into fits of pee myself laughter (after two kids I mean that in the most literal way). So I created an award for the person that makes me laugh, cry, smile or just simply amuses me with a simple click of the comment button. When a comment jumps out I will post a little note, let them know and send you their direction.
The first ever comment queens are SassyPants and KC of course! Click here for the post that inspired their funny comments.

Check out these other wonderful Comment Queens. These bloggy super stars don't just leave comments. They leave laughter, love and friendship. Here they are in random order..

The Blonde Duck

I'm Too Busy To Blink...And I Need A Pedicure...

Annie Kelleher

Blissful Blunders


Em In Pursuit

Are men eligible to win?
OF COURSE!! But please note that you must be masculine, cool and fabulous enough to sport the Comment Queen badge. I just don't have it in me to create an estrogen free award right now.
How often will you announce a winner?
Hmmm…. anytime between now and the complete loss of my sanity
Are there any rules, instructions, guidance?
Nope. Anyone who comments on any post may score the honors at anytime. It does help if I am able to blog on over and let you know you won.
What do I win?
Glory Baby!! Nothing but glory!

You do not have to do anything to claim your award. If you are an official Comment Queen just relax and bask in the glory.