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Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Latest Treasure!

We have a new addiction, geocaching. People across the world hide treasure and log the coordinates online. Our treasure seeking princesses love it. They are brave fairy pirates seeking riches. This time they uncovered a cache of toys and a log book. Baby sister was the perfect side kick and helped uncover the stash. They traded a rhinestone buckle for a dinosaur. Captain Big Sis wanted more treasure. There was a second treasure higher up and over rocks. She had to tread close to the edge of a cliff. She was fearless and pushed past her vertigo by keeping her eye on the prize. Baby and I waited at the bottom devouring oranges and the view while Daddy and Captain Big Sis searched. She came back to us with two scratches, a splinter, a hula doll, some sweat and a ton of pride.
Geocaching is free and and spreading across the globe. It was so much fun. The master minds behind geocaching are giving me jack squat for telling you that. I just can't keep something this fabulous all to myself. I felt like a kid again full of excitement and wonder. I think our girls' confidence doubled in one day.
If you are vacationing on Oahu there are a ton of geocaching sites at top tourist spots. The two caches we found were at Makapuu point. Just remember to pack a small item to trade in your hiking pack and a pen to sign the guest book. We have started carrying a toy stash in the car for instant adventure at a moment's notice.
X UNCOVER YOUR OWN TREASURE at http://www.geocaching.com/

Friday, August 28, 2009

Now What?

Women in America have come a long way. We can vote. We are no longer considered property. We can work any job a man can for a fraction of the pay. We can walk through life knowing 1 in 6 women will be sexually assaulted compared to 1 in 33 men. If you happen to be the one in six it is debatable how much time your attacker will actually serve behind bars. You can be nearly confident that your attacker will spend more time for raping you than for stealing a bag of Cheetos.

How long before our laws reflect that we value our children and the women in our lives. America has waged war on terror and war on drugs. What about war against sexual assault? Can politicians stop sexually harassing their interns and cheating on their wives long enough to make this a priority?
For more statistics and information on sexual assault visit http://www.rainn.org

Here are some links from my bloggy friends about protecting women and children...

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Feminist

How do you let the world in without letting all of the magic seep out?

She reminds me that a girl can climb a tree in head to toe glam. She is fierce, unyielding and full of sparkle. If only the entire world could embrace their true self with same degree of confidence and loving abandonment. Unfortunately school is starting to dull her shine. She comes home with a little less dazzle and less confidence than the day before. She didn't even make it through the first week without someone calling her names and breaking her heart.

August 26th is Women's Equality Day. Please help spread the word!!

PhotoStory Friday
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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Bloggy Award Buffet

It is an all you can take award buffet. Please have your fill and gorge yourself on praise. There is something for everyone and I even created a new award for the girl that has everything!

Meet another Comment Queen!! This was a hard one. My box has been busting at the seams with both hysterical and touching comments. The prize goes to...Sweeter Living
Her comment delivered quality and quantity. I laugh every time I reread. Yes, I reread my comments. I fight depression by dipping into the comment box instead of my pill box. Here is a taste of her comment leaving goodness..
"That silver thingamajig should have been tested on male doctors... then we would quickly see a new invention: "the painless-featherlike-silkysoft-can'thardlyfeelit-supercareful-nonobtrusive-verygentle-device"
(her ENTIRE comment can be found in the comment box of Private Detectives, Zubbles and Mothering )

I got a bloggy nod from a glamorous therapist who has been married 32 years! She dishes out her secrets and has amazing skin! A happy marriage must be good for the complexion! TCBOTB

In the spirit of "Honest Scrap" I am supposed to tell you 15 honest things about me. The most honest things about me are that I am a complete failure at following directions. I am also horrible with numbers.

Then there is my favorite hair magician, Sugar spice and all hair nice. I think she must have some kind of child charming tricks. Her princess sits still for the most amazing hair art. The very best thing about her is that she is a comment leaving goddess. Her visits always put a little extra pep in my step! She thinks I'm fabulous and the feeling is mutual.

Next up is Blue Cotton Memory. She is a woman thriving in a family of men. She is dishing out discipline in the form of squats while I'm holding feather boas for ransom. She thinks my blog is lovely. I'm grateful that she thought of me since I am a wild mess of a mom who considers Harry Potter a book of substance. Who can resist a blog that comes with equal parts of love and opinions?

The following blog is so much better than bacon. It is one of the greatest compliments I can bestow on a fellow blogger. Bacon is that special final touch to salads, baked beans and crucial for breakfast gravy. Sorry PETA!

She makes me laugh. Reading her blog is like having an instant girlfriend to give you the honest scoop with a dose of laughter. Even bacon can't do that!

Another sweet award to celebrate from Brown Eyed Gal!

I hope you enjoy this bloggy buffet and finds something suited to your tastes. Thank you!

P.S: The bloggy buffet comes with no strings attached. So hoard them, share them, ignore them or brag about them to your hearts content!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Pause Button

I'm pausing this little bloggy until the storm passes. Our area looses power even when there is a gust of wind on a sunny day. We're prepared to be dining on cashews and frozen pancakes. We'll also be playing Candyland by flashlight.
I will return with a full blown bloggy award buffet. I have been hoarding them like a squirrel hoards nuts. Plus I will be unveiling a wild new award for my fun bloggy friends. Any fun ideas for Women's Equality Day on August 26th??
P.S: The storm was all fizzle. The stash of batteries and gallon size tub of mayo went untouched. The best news is hubby comes back today!! I'm too excited to sleep. So the blog is still paused and I will just take the pay cut for my bad bloggy behavior. Do you know how excited I would be if there was even any pay to be cut? BIG SIGH!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Breastfeeding Doll

Am I the only person in the world that finds this doll hysterical and NOT creepy?I must be suffering from Outrage Deficiency Syndrome. I browsed through all the comments expressing shock and disgust on NEW PARENT and You Tube. I still can't shake the image of hubby donning the nursing apron and pressing the doll to his tiny "lilies" to show Princess how it is done. He is the official new toy demonstrator after all. Why should this be any different? Reading all the comments actually made me laugh harder. It's just a doll not a pack of pretend birth control pills!

I do not promise to be lucid in the next few days. I feel and look like I have been nursing a nest of angry porcupines at my right breast. My fever is rising. I hope that baby doll comes with pretend cold compresses. I am soothing my own "lilies" with a bag of frozen mangoes. So if you are one of those people that think breastfeeding is icky and you find yourself at my dinner table, don't eat the mangoes!!

Please don't forget that August 26th is Women's Equality day. Please send me the link to your post if you tackle the issue of women and equality on your blog!!

Get inspired by Mama Kat and pick your own prompt! Diagnose yourself, confess your deepest fears and more.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Equality for Women?

August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment of the US Constitution was ratified granting women the right to vote.
So what do you think of THIS article on California cutting 100% of it's funding for domestic violence services?! I guess we should kick this month off celebrating the fact that men no longer have the legal right to use, abuse and beat their wives. Unfortunately if you live in California you might not find anyone to stand with you if he does. Who will be there to keep you safe? Who will take you in?
This month's topic is women and equality. Give your two cents on anything that impacts women. How will you celebrate this month with your sons and daughters? Any ideas for activities, projects?
If you want to join in and for a complete list of details and FAQ on Two Cents just Click Here
Please leave a link to your post in the comment section if you give your Two Cents on anything women related this month and I will compile them together in one big post.