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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spreading Some Love

I planned on linking you to several great bloggers making the world a better place but
Dirty Socks and Pizza beat me to the punch.
Her Linkiest Post ever focuses on some big hearted people making the world a better place. So please click over and start blog hopping for a cause. Be ready to get inspired. I love the name of her blog too. The only thing better would be "Dirty Socks ON Pizza".

Now I would like to direct your attention to the followers. See the fabulous modelesque blond? Well she IS a model. Under normal circumstances I would consider blocking her. That happy face and fab hair is equivalent to attaching a bikini pic of Gabrielle Reece to my wall with a motivational quote. I'm apt to run from the computer and hit the exercise bike and we just can't have that. However….she is even more hysterical and big hearted than she is stunning. I know your doubting that it is even possible. Please go read her funny posts. My favorite is
I'll just say in advance..I told you so! :) And consider yourself warned this daring woman was brave enough to sport a string bikini in full pregnant bloom. Okay not TOO brave, she rocked that bare belly. And she is giving me a prize for being able to identify a Giant Anteater but that is NOT why she is fabulous. She could give me no glory and a stale biscuit and I would still have to share her fun blog with you all. Have a great weekend. I'll be loving on my princesses and grabbing some goodies for the Aloha Give Away Grand Finale!!
For now I'm off to figure out how to simultaneously blog and do Yoga. Alright. Alright. You got me! I'm going to eat bacon nachos while photo editing and watching "I Love Lucy" !

Would you like to honor sweet Tuesday? Information on donating to Tuesday's Memorial fund or a cancer research organization in her name has been posted on their family blog...


Unknown said...

aloha and happy saturday!

Rachael Schirano \\ Rachael Schirano Photography said...

what would you call blogging and yoga togheter...


Donnetta said...

What about Dirty Socks and Pizza and Beer? Sounds good to me!

Happy Saturday!

Kim said...

You are pretty funny yourself.

I'm with Donnetta, beer sounds like a good addition.

Unknown said...

dirty socks and pizza sure is a funny name. Have to check that out. :)

kisatrtle said...

I'd trade you some hungry hippo marbles for some Hi Ho Cherrio Cherries but alas, we have no marbles either. LOL