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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Special Gift

Our toy nets and boxes are overwhelmed. I have nightmares that my children's barbies and plastic thingamajigs awake at night and plan our demise. How can I save myself from toy induced madness? I found the perfect non-toy birthday gift. It is not plastic or fluffy and does not require batteries. It is a Megalodon tooth larger than her hand. I can't wait for her to curl her little fingers around that tooth and grasp the enormity of the past. Isn't that what we all want-
to be awe struck?

CLICK HERE to pay a visit to my Etsy Angel that has fossils and chunks of wonder for sale. Go grab a little shock and awe for yourself. She also makes stunning leather journals
that beg to be written in and kept forever. I need one for my grocery lists.
Today's list might snag a poetry prize,
"Goldfish, Granola, Cookie Dough, Mangoes, Rice and Wet Wipes".
After all, everything seems edgier and more intriguing in leather even words.