I will continue to celebrate motherhood. So if breasts, birth, dilation and mother's milk makes you uncomfortable please consider yourself warned.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful Things and Other Stuff

I am thankful for my six year old despite her sudden oral fixation with all things smooth and shiny.
I am thankful I did not run to the ER in hysterics with my daughter by the ankles screaming, "HELP! HELP! SHE SWALLOWED A $#@*! Pebble".
I am thankful for my mother and her long reassuring lists of crap I ate as a small and "not so small" child
I am thankful that most glass pebbles are under 2cm in diameter with smooth edges.
I am thankful that the Internet has detailed instructions on poo searches and pebble retrieval.
I am thankful for the long handled wooden salad spoon I used to search and seize the pebble from a pile of floating poo.

Now YOU can be thankful you aren't being served salad at my Thanksgiving dinner.
What?! It's a REALLY good spoon! Do you expect me to just throw it away?!
<span class=
Check out the Real Housewives of Oklahoma for some fun "Follow Me Back Tuesday"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Terry Jones is NOT my friend

I have no respect for people who pick fights they are not willing and capable of finishing. Terry Jones will NOT be in Afghanistan to put out the fire he starts. I won't have time to burn books on Sept. 11th. I will be too busy sending love and prayers to my husband. He doesn't have the luxury of hiding behind a lighter and letting others take the heat. It is easy to start a fire. It takes true courage to brave the flames and put the fire out. Terry Jones is not a hero. He is not the voice of America. Yes, we are a military family. However, we still fight to greet the day with love in our hearts. I am thinking of all of you with love in my heart regardless of your religon or where you were born. I am hoping your child lives a life of love and respect regardless if their bedtime story comes from the Koran or Bible. No child deserves to live a life of fear and hate. My heart is open to you and my lighter is down.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This is Depressing

If you're modest avert your eyes!!

It's official, the local insects are getting more action in two minutes than I'll get all year. On the upside I don't have to shave my legs until hubby comes home on leave! Just imagine how much I'm saving on razor blades, creams and wax! Gillette will probably start to see a drop in profits now that I don't even have to shave below the knee.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Birth

She smacked into our window and then gave birth right under the window sill.
What mother can't relate to being smacked silly into motherhood?
Lost. Disoriented. Confused. Frightened.
Some fly away, wings or no wings.

Click below to visit Seven Clown Circus and bust open a whole bag of wordful excitement.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Play On

This week's theme
is Play. In our house if isn't messy, wiggly or wild it isn't fun.
You can play along too over at I ♥ faces !

Sunday, June 6, 2010

To the Rescue

Who needs prescription medication when you have your very own set of superheroes?
Now what should I call these little heroes and what powers do they possess?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Turtles, Tornadoes and Depression

The girls have tumbled head first into our tornado and turtle filled new life. Every lightning bug, hummingbird and awe smothered smile makes me miss my husband. I want him here with me. I want to be curled in the crook of his arm, head tucked under his chin and back against his chest while we watch the girls hunt for acorns. I want him to hear the squirrel and rabbit induced squeals of pure glee first hand. This world is so new to them. Hawaii didn't have squirrels, opossums and lightning bugs. June bugs and snakes are mysterious monsters and lightning bugs hold the same magical wonderment as unicorns. Despite the laughter and the joy I can't shake feeling like Dorothy. Where are a set of ruby red slippers when you need them? I'm learning home is where the heart is and my heart is split between our beautiful daughters and hubby. They are proving resilient. They miss their Daddy but they're filling up the empty space with adventure and grandparent hugs. I'll live the year split. Half of my heart here with the girls and half with hubby. I will work my own magic and morph into a two hearted beast miraculously pumping in both Oklahoma and Afghanistan.

I know it's random but don't sass me. Just click above and break out your own bit of random on the Un-Mom

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Winner and The Warning

And the winner is...

But I must warn you she is one of those adorable pregnant women that is all cute and no chunk. In her pics she is all smiles no queasy frown or dark circles. She's one of those pregnant glow type of women. I had more of a pregnant residue than a glow during my pregnancy. So consider yourself warned. You just might forget the cravings, the gas and the heart burn. You might remember those baby kicks, the internal hiccups and see her rocking her cute maternity clothes and get baby fever. She's also funny and very fabulous so if your blog roll is already busting at the seams and you can't squeeze in one more single wonderful blog then don't visit. Step away from the keyboard or you'll be hooked.
Thank you all for joining in and supporting handmade creations!
Thank you KNEES AND PAWS for letting me share your wonderful and unique creations with my bloggy friends.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rifle Hunter Ann

Today we hit up Bass Pro Shop, Oklahoma's Disney World, and I found Ann. She is complete with a substantial rack and a deer stand. Who needs rides, Cinderella or Mickey Mouse? At Bass Pro Shop you can snipe a stuffed fox and two armadillos for a mere fifty cents. The big shocker is there are no long lines and you can walk out with your very own Rifle Hunter Ann for less than the cost of Disney World admission.

Oklahoma has a school with cows, sheep and it's very own barn.

I've been away from home so long I hit the brakes in the middle of town, rolled down the windows and started shouting out the window, "Look! Look! A llama!!".

I even forgot their were still places you can pick up flowers, duct tape, Slim Jims and a dozen live baby chicks dyed in various shades of pastel.

This random post was inspired by Random Tuesday...
Before you rush off to book your flight to Oklahoma please enter the Knees and Paws giveaway in the post below!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Extra Entry Alert

We spent our last days on Oahu taking pictures of our favorite wild animals.

This picture was snapped with the help of a serious zoom lens. Please remember to treat these gentle giants with respect and give them some space.

These monkey ears and hands were too much fun! Enter the giveaway for a chance to
win snow leopard ears with white centers, matching paws, matching knees and a cute leopard adorned tote to store it in.

To Enter:
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3. Check back often for new ways to score additional entries!

This contest ships within the United States only and ends April 28th. Please make sure I can contact you and let you know if you won! GOOD LUCK!!

For an extra entry comment below to let the designer of KNEES AND PAWS know what you would like to see in her shop. Any ideas? What is your child's favorite animal? I think a panda bear set would be adorable.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Child Taming

How do you subdue over 20 wild children hopped up on sugar and excitement without tranquilizer darts? Call in reinforcements!

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

A very special thank you to Color Whims here on Oahu. They dove into our bit of Chaos head first. They even sent emails to my shy princess to prepare her and build her excitement. They also had a special talent for putting each child at ease. The balloons were out of this world. My only regret was I didn't snag one for myself. He even did giraffes! He made balloons that would literally devour that standard little balloon dog you normally see. I'm still wondering how in the world you get balloons inside of balloons??

The face painter was so gifted! My little wild cat didn't wash her face for TWO DAYS! Notice the sleep smudges on her kitty nose right under her happy eyes?

So thank you Color Whims . Our Princess Kitty was thrilled. We couldn't have asked for more amazing people to share such a special day with. Thank you for a party that will live in her memory forever. If you're looking for birthday party entertainment on Oahu we must say they are puuuuurfect!

Hope to see you over at the other Jen's blog for...

Cheaper Than Therapy

Click it. You know you want to.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fiercely Feminine

Proving at the tender age of six that a girl really can have it all!! Be free. Be wild. Be fancy.
A very special thank you to the designer of Cheeky Chic Baby . She custom made this bit of fancy for our wild little kitty. It is the kind of quality dress you rarely get these days. It has held up to all the tree climbing, sprinkler jumping and dirt digging our princess twirls it through. If you are in the Southern California area you can visit Flower Fields in Carlsbad the weekend of April 17-18 for the Cheeky Chic Baby spring trunk show!

Pictures are worth a Thousand Words so click below to check out A Thousand Words Thursday!

Cheaper Than Therapy

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let Them Make Cake

Scrap the Easy-Bake Oven and go for the real deal. Just let them make cake. A flour coated, sugar dusted and icing smeared bit of happiness. This is our cake artist in training. I had grand plans we were going to mold, pour and bake together but her Daddy stole my thunder. It turns out he is her official cake buddy and I got stuck with cleaning duty.

The trick to a fun cake is fondant. You can make your own or cheat great cake with boxed cake mix and ready made fondant. We snagged ours at Wal-Mart in the baking/crafting section by the wedding goodies. Rew is a fondant sculpting natural. All the hours she spends hiding play dough in the cracks of the couch finally paid off. They practiced for weeks before her actual birthday. She sketched out her cake design, rolled the fondant and whipped up butter cream icing. On her birthday she was ready to create the ultimate cake and when I saw what they managed my draw dropped. You can't create this kind of magic with an Easy-Bake...

We had a little help from our Fairy Cakemother..
Two Sweet Cakes
She sent us the soft and edible fondant pearls and a pack of sugar cats. They were just the spark Princess Rew needed to fire up her dreams. It made glamming the cake up as easy as squirt and stick!

It's time for Wordful Wednesday!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday

This picture is a great example of the crucial difference a great crop makes. A little further out and you would have caught a better glimpse of our fabulous ears and the hair on my chin. For obvious reasons I prefer the close-up. I like to keep my chin fuzz away from the camera and focus on my daughter's blue eyes and kitty smirk.
Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

Hosted by Krystyn

Dig the ears and paws? You can get your own complete snow leopard set complete with fuzzy knees by entering the giveaway....
To Enter:
1. First CLICK HERE to visit her Etsy shop. Don't forget to come back here and let me know your favorite item available at Knees and Paws.
2. Then for five additional entries post about the giveaway and send people my way to share in the fun. Be sure to post the link to your giveaway post in the comment section.
3. Check back often for new ways to score additional entries!
This contest ships within the United States only and ends April 28th. Please make sure I can contact you and let you know if you won! GOOD LUCK!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

As promised...

Once Rew was out of NICU and in my arms I was your typical neurotic mom. I analyzed feces, weight and sleep problem. I memorized averages and plotted her on the imaginary scale of progress. She grew into a bright, lanky and contemplative baby. I listened to doctors when they said she was failing to thrive. I let myself be convinced her freakish attention span was not a good sign. The bony knees I loved to tickle were a sign of my failure as her mother. As suggested I replaced her carrots, ham and whole grain breads with Pediasure and everything buttered. I charted everything she ate. She ran. She played. She grew taller and started walking on legs engineered more for a runway model than a toddler. We enjoyed life until the scheduled doctor visits. Every tests with a normal result prompted longer and more invasive tests. Finally my sweet toddler had so many tests she began offering up her arm to the needle without being prompted and I put my foot down. I was thin. Her father was thin. She was ours down to the very tips of her sharp little collar bone.
I learned that doctors specialize in medicine and I specialize in my daughter. I started trusting less in books, doctors and people with more experience with children than me. I started trusting in myself and my child. When I was pregnant with our second daughter my doctor was dismissive of my thyroid condition. My oldest daughter had already paid the price for my lack of confidence in myself and I refused to make the same mistakes. I insisted that my fatigue was not just a regular result of my pregnancy. When my doctor continued to ignore my pleas I requested to see a specialist. I made it harder to ignore me than to just fill out the request. The very day I was referred to a specialist her office called and doubled my current dose of Levothyroxine. The nurse urged me to fill the prescription that day because based on the same test results my regular obstetrician had my levels were low enough to put my pregnancy at risk. I was fired as a patient. My doctor dropped me like a hot potato. Our second daughter was born via VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and we were both home healthy within 24 hours after birth. She is dainty just like her sister. I have had pediatricians push for tests because she is not growing at an average weight but I refuse the tests. When she has vaccinations she fights the needle with an unrelenting ferocity that I love. Next time you have to pin your child down for a vaccine treasure the fact that it happens so infrequently they have it in them to fight. I assure you seeing a child's spirit broken by countless testing, poking and prodding is worse than a spirited battle with a healthy child.
There are still amazing and wonderful doctors that consider the health of your family a team effort. A special thank you to those fabulous doctors who realize patients are more than tests results and chicken scratches on a medical chart.
**If you are a pregnant woman with a thyroid condition please know that your needs change with pregnancy. A pregnant woman's targeted levels are different. I have yet to meet a regular obstetrician that was even aware of that. During my second pregnancy I lucked into an endocrinologist very familiar with the impact thyroid conditions have on conception and pregnancy. She worked closely with my new obstetrician to ensure that my second delivery was completely uneventful.


to enter the giveaway to win a complete set of your own ears, knees and paws!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Giveaway!!

Knees and Paws are my daughter's new favorite thing. We're celebrating this great find with a giveaway. The winner receives adorable snow leopard ears with white centers, matching paws, matching knees and a cute leopard adorned tote to store it in. This complete set is small and perfect for younger children. Need a bigger set or another animal?
The designer of KNEES AND PAWS is a talented woman who loves to hear special requests and make dreams come true.

(This puuurfect birthday moment made possible by Knees and Paws)

To Enter:
1. First CLICK HERE to visit her Etsy shop. Don't forget to come back here and let me know your favorite item available at Knees and Paws.
2. Then for five additional entries post about the giveaway and send people my way to share in the fun. Be sure to post the link to your giveaway post in the comment section.
3. Check back often for new ways to score additional entries!

This contest ships within the United States only and ends April 28th. Please make sure I can contact you and let you know if you won! GOOD LUCK!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Six Little Words..

May I borrow some good Karma?

Dare to sum up your life in six words or less? Click below for the details and link up.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


To the horrible wicked people who tried to steal my daughter's cat, SHAME ON YOU. Licorice flew ahead of us to Oklahoma. My daughter was anxious but the American Airline Employees in cargo assured her they would take great care of sweet Licorice. My mother and sister went to pick her up and caught two people trying to make off with our cat. They were confrontational and insisted she was their cat despite the kennel marked clearly with our name. My Sis snagged Licorice and the American Airline employee sorted it out. The thieves booked it out of there with a plain black and gray striped tabby cat instead. They tried to pretend like they mistook our striking long haired cream cat with blue eyes marked with our name as their short haired alley cat.
On the flip side a kind man helped me and my wonderful friend find the cargo facility for Delta and American Airlines. Not only did he give us directions he hopped in the car with us to make sure we got it right. He stole nothing, maimed no one and took ten dollars for his trouble only after we insisted. I'm also thankful for my fierce sister who wouldn't let some burly man make off with her little niece's cat. For every two wicked people there really are a million people who would move heaven and earth to help those in need.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bringing You Up to Speed

There are several big revelations, life changing moments and small struggles I need to reveal to you. However, I can't do that until you know a few things about me. I'm going to begin with my mistrust of doctors and borderline loathing of modern medicine. When I was pregnant with Rew I began showing signs of miscarriage. I found a very kind and proactive doctor. He was preceded by a long list of nurses and doctors that spouted off reassurances that nearly half of women miscarriage they just often miscarriage before they even know they are pregnant. Their idea of treatment was a tough love approach to prepare me for the inevitable. It certainly did not stop the spotting from getting more frequent and heavier. Luckily the ever elusive experienced and compassionate doctor came into our lives. He stuck around long enough to find out I was not a statistic but a young woman with a hypothyroid condition. I started taking levothyroxine and the spotting stopped. We moved to another state and I was transferred to the care of another doctor. This doctor was dismissive of my thyroid condition and failed to monitor my levels despite the fact that I was pregnant and newly diagnosed. Rew was born by emergency c/s and spent the first week in ICU with Tachycardia. Her heart was beating so fast they were worried her heart wasn't even having time to pump blood throughout her body. I took her home and spent those first baby moments counting her heartbeats and checking her for blue discolored legs. I wondered if the human heart only had so many beats in a lifetime. I watched her breathing and worried she was ticking away. After countless specialist and only a few short months her heart slowed down and so did mine. Her Tachycardia was just a brief side effect of my thyroid condition. My levels were not properly monitored and she paid the price. I wish I had known more about my thyroid condition before she was born. I would have been more proactive. I trusted that my doctor with his years of experience and education in medicine knew best. The birth of our second child sealed the deal for me. I'll share the scoop on that gem next. Soon you will be caught up on my past so we can dig into the present.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Should Know

I'll be flying soon and my homemade playdough and crumpled foil candy wrappers are sure to be tagged as bomb making materials. I hope I have Internet access while I await trial. I know what you're thinking. Why not skip the playdough and the candy and just fly over eight hours with two small children with nothing but a plane full of people trying to sleep? If you have ever flown with or next to a small child then you understand why prison doesn't sound half bad.

P.S: I will be announcing the PUUUUURFECT giveaway soon enough and I have a new favorite thing that I keep forgetting to join in on..
Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn
Yes. I know it is Tuesday already. I need someone to poke me with a stick on Friday and remind me to pin my children down, put on lip gloss and figure out the timer on the camera so I can finally join in. Krystyn is inspiring moms to step out from behind the camera and in front of it. Blogggy moms tend to be as elusive and camera shy as the Loch Ness Monster.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Movie Alert

Whip It was fabulous! It has all the important life lessons a girl needs to learn...
1. Do what makes you happy.
2. Unless what makes you happy is a douchey boy posing as a nice guy. Don't do that
even if it makes you temporarily happy.
3. If you forget rule #2 reread rule #1 and thank your lucky stars you have real friends to help you elbow your way through your mistakes.
If you are expecting reviews on new releases you came to the wrong place. If it isn't out at the video store I haven't seen it. I watch movies in the comfort of my own home with complete control of the pause and the mute button. A mom has to be vigilant on dirty word patrol because children hear everything even when they are curled up in their own bedrooms and supposedly sleeping. I'm so used to watching movies on low volume that I think the last time I went to the Movie Theatre my ears bled.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Color Coding Children

I have decided children should be color coded by level of difficulty. That way the next time my child throws a tantrum in public I can push through with the same pride and tenacity of a skier tackling a black diamond. I will look at the glaring fellow moms and their little bunny slope children and shrug, "I love a challenge". It's like finishing of a boxed mix cake with canned icing versus struggling over a five tiered wedding cake from scratch. Shouldn't level of difficulty count for something?
I would love to go over my color coding system in great detail but it is a patent pending design so I better keep it hush hush. ;)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Optimistic Fragments

So I found a half eaten candy cane balanced precariously on the edge of the toilet rim in a pool of sticky pink candy cane juice. Was Wild Thing using it as a stir sick or a dip stick? What are the odds she was just stirring the pot and not sucking toilet water off the candy cane?

The bright side:
1. My daughter and toilet are both minty fresh and protected against Gingivitis.
2. We have bleach free non-toxic toilet water since I never get around to bleaching the bathroom.
3. I am building her immunity while other parents are wasting time building their children's vocabulary.
4. The random sticky goo that adhered me to the toilet seat is no longer a mystery.
5. Toilet drinkers turn out great pics even with their ears on backwards and extra sass!!

A special thank you to the owner of Knees and Paws
for the adorable snow leopard ears with matching knees and paws. Click Here to learn all about her fun mascot contest and a chance for your very own knees and paws!!

Mommy's Idea

Now it's your turn to break out your fragments!! Click on the button above to link up.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fun Party Invite or Favor

This is an idea for easy and inexpensive party invites or favors.
You will need:
Postcards or card stock
Ribbon lined Alligator hair clips (Suckers will work also)

Use a box knife to make parallel cuts of equal length on your card. They can be horizontal or vertical. Now just squeeze the clip open and weave it through the slit. Punch a hole in the upper corner and tie it to a balloon. It is the perfect fun little party favor or invitation.

Need a little help lining alligator clips? http://www.girlythingsbows.com/ is one of my favorite sites for very simple and basic instructions. The instructions listed across the top of the site are in alphabetical order. Once you have a lined clip you can glue on anything from crystals to buttons. My favorite are satin roses. Or you can slide in suckers in the slit instead and just tie ribbon to the stick.

I had the card featured in my example custom printed by Vista Print, http://www.vistaprint.com/. They are always having free offers. I only had to pay shipping. I recieved over 100 small postcards. I also use Vista Print to custom print thank you cards, care instructions, personalized invitations and business cards.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hatching Cats

Our backyard is a sanctuary for magical cats. Angel kittens, glitter pumas and fairy tigers are born here every day. They hatch from eggs and chip away at their shell with their glittering claws. They are timid, shy and slow to walk. Here in our safe haven they get the the attention, patience and ummmm...

gentle persuasion they need.

Note to My Neighbors:

Laying tiger, puma and angel kitty eggs is not easy. So the next time you see me squatting in the yard and laying eggs will you please stare less. Egg laying is not an easy business and requires deep concentration and yoga like flexibility. My pesky kittens refuse to hatch if I do not display proper egg legging maneuvers. I'm getting really sick of having to go over this again and again for the police report.

Love, Mama Kitty

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Saturday

It's looking like a case of premature evacuation. We're thrilled, relieved and overstocked. We'll be giving away bottled water, batteries and gallon jars of bulk Mayo on the street corners of Oahu.
Our hearts and prayers go out to the people in Chile. Hoping your loved ones are safe in your arms wherever you may be. I'll be holding my love bugs as long as they'll let me.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't Touch My Weenie!!

The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending a complete weenie redesign. Wiener chokage is the culprit behind 17 percent of food-related asphyxiations in children under 10. However, our weak economy can not endure a wiener fiasco. Wiener workers will be forced to shoulder the added cost of a wiener redesign or wiener warnings. Jobs will be lost. Salaries will be cut. It will be a dark day in American history, "The Day the Wiener died". We can prevent this. You don't need to sign petitions, write your senator or bribe a pediatrician. To stop the wiener fiasco you must spread this one fundamental truth...
If you have a problem weenie just cut it to pieces! Halves will not due. Chop. Chop. Chop.

Wiener Warriors Unite!!
Click Here for the informative wiener article.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birthday Madness!

After nearly six years of thumbing my nose at extravagent birthday parties I am taking the plunge. A guest list that includes over twenty wild children and an actual party theme complete with games!!

Her dream party includes face painting and balloon twisting. She's getting face painting and a homemade pin the tail on the cat poster.

Her theme is cats and cats. She would love a cake modeled after her own cat with fairy wings and covered in pearls made by The Cake Boss.

She is getting a purple and pink cake sprinkled with edible fondant pearls. I have discovered some amazing Etsy Birthday fairies to help make her day magical!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

I started by nicking the car, then had my wisdom teeth cut out, had the flu twice, took hubby to the Emergency Room, took baby wild to the Emergency Room, the truck broke down and we found out hubby will probably be deploying to a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad place. Is it 2011 yet? And does anyone have any tips on how to break a five year old from sucking on her germy little fingers?
P.S: Please don't worry. We are well enough. Nothing time and a membership to the wine of the month club won't fix.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who needs answers?

Parenting can be a confidence crusher. There is nothing like an inquisitive five year old to make you realize how little you know about your own world. I just try to remember true teaching provides more questions than answers. What is the best, hardest or funniest question you ever heard from a child. Answer optional. ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How do I look?

Say what you want about Heidi Montag but she is one tough cookie. She rocked those before and after photographs. I didn't look as hot post op. Now maybe I would have looked better if I walked out with a new nose and bigger boobs instead of three less teeth.

I decided to show you the ugly. I think I would rather share nude pictures of myself ten years ago than this little gem. However, I think it is good to see the bad and the ugly. No Botox or virtual wrinkle remover. Maybe if we would would fess up more often then girls in their early twenties wouldn't offer their bodies up to plastic surgeons like lumps of clay.
The swellings gone but I still hurt and I only had my wisdom teeth removed! Simple in and out procedure my a*$! I would rather have a baby. You walk out with something to show for your pain and the drugs are better. I can't even begin to imagine the pain people endure from plastic surgery procedures. If you're in your twenties and baby free listen up... You are gorgeous. You are at your peak. Save your money, skip the pain and take your hot self out for a drink!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Support Issues

I'm not sure if I need a new bra or a produce sack.

I think I'll just head to the produce aisle and ask my fellow shoppers, "Does this sack make my breasts look perky?".

Monday, January 4, 2010

And the winner is..

Charlene! Click on the button below to tell her congrats and kiss up. If you become her friend maybe she'll share her new chocolate stash and let you have a peak at her Santa. You can snag one of her funny buttons while you're there too. Don't you love it?

BB Button

I hope these treats I'm sending her won't mess with her balance. I think I'll just send her an equal sized box of Caramacs for each hand just to be safe.

Thank you for entering and sharing in my little bite of paradise!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


This is the last call for the Aloha giveaway!! I will be adding a last minute treat, chocolate covered coffee beans. And a special something for the prankster...a postcard from you with a personal message mailed to your address of choice. Make a friend or family member think you skipped town and headed for paradise!
Please Note: I will not mail it to anyone that has a restraining order against you.
You will get this and all the goodies mentioned in the last posts. Just comment to enter and cross your fingers! The contest ends whenever I roll out of bed in the morning and draw the winner. GOOD LUCK!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year and New Prizes!

A Hawaiian Host Chocolate Sampler of my favorite treats. You'll get a mix of Caramacs, Toffeemacs, MacNut and chocolate covered macadamia nuts!! Dieters beware! These are the most delicious treats, ever!!

Li Hing Mui Gummies and your own pack of Ling Hing Mui Powder!
Li Hing Mui is a sweet, salty, and sour flavored powder.It's perfect for martinis, margaritas, sprinkled on popcorn, fruit. You can even use it for Li Hing Shortbread Cookies or Li Hing rock candy!

Prizes already include Sexy Santa, macadamia nuts, Kona Coffee and a rice press for making your own musubi.

Just comment to enter! The more comments, the more entries.


If you win and you posted about the giveaway and linked your friends and readers here then I will add a very extra special prize as a Thank You and give you an extra entry. Just let me know you did it! Don't you love surprises?