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Friday, February 27, 2009


Every time I blog over to pass an award to one of my favorite bloggers someone beats me to the punch and has already graced their blog with that same award. My favorite is when the blogger I think of has already been awarded by the same blogger that awarded me. I guess we all share the same great taste. So I am serving up the awards Buffet Style to all the wonderful ladies who thought of me and I added a few extra blog friends for fun...

Her blog is wonderful, random and full of surprises but it is her comments that really knock my socks off. Her comments start my day off better than a hot Caramel Mocchiato with extra whip.
Host of Friday Fragments and a funny blog buddy. Isn't the name adorable?
Thoughts from the Toilet Bowl
With such a fun title, need I say more? She hosts the "Show Me the Funny"

These bloggers spread the lovin' and I am so grateful they sent some my way. They have all sent me an award, a shout out or a tag. THANK YOU!!!
I love her because she bestowed me with an award and a virtual baby to be. I really love this because a virtual baby is as close as I'll get to a third child. Hubby is soon headed for the snip, snip.
This wonderful bloggers is big on showing bloggy love. Her blog is brimming with sweetness and warm fuzzies.
Her "Old Mom" post had me rolling in the floor.
She joined in on Mama Kat's writing assignment and it turned out amazing. She is so clever and obviously up for a challenge
Frantic, sweet, sarcastic and honest. I love it!
She is one of my "Nearly Martha" friends. "Nearly" only because she is smarter, kinder, more fun and adorable than THE Martha. She is hosting "Kid Friendly Friday" today and already has great directions for colored craft salt.

The Award Buffet is Now Open! Feel free to come back for seconds!!

Now a question... If I type REALLY REALLY fast can I consider that my daily cardio?


Unknown said...

wow if you found out if you can count it as daily cardio, would you let me know?? congrats to all the winners!!! i seem to read a lot of those blogs, myself and i totally agree!!!! hope you will come over and check out my short story im posting in segments :)!

♥ Kathy said...

maybe if you type SUPER fast :p That was cool Jen! You're too sweet ♥

Mrs4444 said...

oooh-So hard to choose! Good thing I have time (I'm waiting for your SHT.) See, I have a rule about accepting awards. Check this out: http://mrs4444awards.blogspot.com/2009/01/good-shts.html

Thanks so much for thinking of me :)

Danyele Easterhaus said...

so cute! i love awards for you! i have a month's worth to post...need to do that today! good work creative girl

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

It doesn't get any better than an Awards Buffet! What a fabulous idea! Thank you so much for including me! I love it over here! Tutus, awards, and a very sweet (and sassy) bloggy friend!

Amy said...

Thank for the award. I hope your virtual baby to be is doing great today. I wanted to say Thank you for the award. That was so kind of you to think of me. I will be by later to pick one up. Thank you. Have a great day. I hope the husband is feeling okay. Tell him hi for me.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

You are just too kind TuTu. I'm more than honored. I've been away for a few days (well...I've blogged but haven't had time to make may comments or address mine).
I spent all day going to Alabam to pick up a Border Collie that was going to be put down because it kept getting in the trash. Yep, you read it right girl. If I could find these people, I'd put them down with my foot in their boo-hind ya know?
But.....I digress...

I think that you and your blog are awesome. You always make me smile when I stop here and across the Pacific I send you Southern love girl!!!!!!

Take good care and.....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Laura Marchant said...

Oh if typing was considered cardio man I would be super skinny :-)

Sarah said...

Well thank you so very much Jen! I have to snag the Mommy of the Year award because that really looks like a recreation of my house this week. Good times.

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

Wow, congratulations on all the fabulous awards. Fun way to present.

Donnetta said...

Now THAT is showin' some bloggy love!!

Congrats, ladies!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

That's some serious bloggy love!

And, man, I should be almost invisible if it counts as cardio...so I'm guessing that's a no! Damn!

mama's smitten said...

You are so darn sweet!!!! Thank you so much! I won a html button today also from blgalicious designs! I'm feelin the love!:) Thanks agian!
BTW, I wish it counted as cardio!!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks!! You are so sweet to include me :) Off to burn more calories...surfing....sounds good, doesn't it?

Beth said...

DOH! That reminds me! I STILL have to put up the Comment Queen you gave me MONTHS ago! MY BAD.

I'll do that now!


The Farmers Wife said...

So counts as cardio, but only if you do it in reps. Ha, didnt that even sound work-outy? What fun awards, great job!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I've thought about this all night (I was awake again with the flashes of lightning going off in me body, lol) and I say YES INDEED!! Typing fast counts. I count it as cardio when I run to the ladie's room. Heck, I count driving fast in my car as cardio because it makes Prince's heart rate go up :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

The Blonde Duck said...

Congrats to all the winners!