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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Introducing the Comment Queens

Here is a little secret, very often the comments on my posts are better than the posts. I loooove reading them and generally fall into fits of pee myself laughter (after two kids I mean that in the most literal way). So I created an award for the person that makes me laugh, cry, smile or just simply amuses me with a simple click of the comment button. When a comment jumps out I will post a little note, let them know and send you their direction.
The first ever comment queens are SassyPants and KC of course! Click here for the post that inspired their funny comments.

Check out these other wonderful Comment Queens. These bloggy super stars don't just leave comments. They leave laughter, love and friendship. Here they are in random order..

The Blonde Duck

I'm Too Busy To Blink...And I Need A Pedicure...

Annie Kelleher

Blissful Blunders


Em In Pursuit

Are men eligible to win?
OF COURSE!! But please note that you must be masculine, cool and fabulous enough to sport the Comment Queen badge. I just don't have it in me to create an estrogen free award right now.
How often will you announce a winner?
Hmmm…. anytime between now and the complete loss of my sanity
Are there any rules, instructions, guidance?
Nope. Anyone who comments on any post may score the honors at anytime. It does help if I am able to blog on over and let you know you won.
What do I win?
Glory Baby!! Nothing but glory!

You do not have to do anything to claim your award. If you are an official Comment Queen just relax and bask in the glory.


Alex @ I'm the Mom said...

Lovely award!! Congrats to those who were the first ever to receive it!!

Rachel said...

Oh the pressure! Just one more reason to keep reading! I just read your entire blog the other day, though I didn't read every comment. Thanks in advance for the blood shot eyes that will result from my search for the hidden nuggets of buried treasure!

Melissa said...

I love comments too....they make me feel good and know that people out there really do care!!
Came over from SITS and am glad I found your blog!!

Beth said...

That's fantastic! And it's so puurrrrrrty, too!!

Happy New Year!

LenaLoo said...

Great award! I have nothing funny, sappy, or creative to say right now, but I will keep reading :)

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Man...now I really have to strive to be funny!!!!

Katy said...

Good times girl! Sounds like a grand plan.

Corey~living and loving said...

What a great idea. :) If I were in a better mood, I'd whip out something hysterical to say, but I'm all OUT of funny right now. LOL

The Farmers Wife said...

Eep, I have been absent way too long. Thank you so much!!! Sorry it took so long for me to swing by. We have had some super chaos around here. I love the award! Thank you sooo much!!!!

Kelly Dawn said...

ok I SO need to win the comment queen award..lol...


Unknown said...

You made my day by your sweet comments. I just checked it at the end of my day and now it is complete. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


Fairy Princess Garden said...

Geesh talk about blogging pressure.HOW FUN! Just keep reading and being amused. Thanks for all your blogging help, I am not ready yet for the 1 step program. (((hugs)))

Fairy Princess Garden said...

Geesh talk about blogging pressure.HOW FUN! Just keep reading and being amused. Thanks for all your blogging help, I am not ready yet for the 12 step program. (((hugs)))


I just found your blog, I have really enjoyed it. I loved the header post. I love Motherhood, Nursing, Birth, everything that goes with being a MOM should I will enjoy your blog:)I LOVE comments too. I read each and every one and appreciate them so much. Have a great day:)