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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Paper Bag Princess

These are some of my favorite photographs of my oldest daughter. Hawaii based photographer, Cassie captured her true spirit in a way no one ever has. She is serious, contemplative, shy and independent. Cassie captured her absorbed in the moment instead of trying to coax a smile out of her or get her attention. If you are vacationing soon save your money on the expensive dinner and splurge on pictures that will last. These pictures were taken while we just played on the beach. Even if you hate pictures a great photographer will make you forget the camera. Makamae Photography is one of those rare finds. These are the pictures we will pass down for generations. Thank you Cassie for taking part in such a fun time for our entire family. You were so wonderful at included everyone from Grandma to Aunt G. You created not only beautiful pictures but lasting memories. It has been over six months and I still can't take my eyes of these photographs.

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