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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Bloggy Friends,

I'm taking a little vacation and soaking up as much "ME ME ME" time as I can fit into one week. I will be back massaged, pampered, relaxed and inspired unless I get eaten by sharks. If you don't hear from me in a week or so check your news for, "MOTHER OF TWO DROWNS IN SHARK CAGE". It's the snorkel that will be my demise, not the rows of razor sharp teeth.
If you 're looking for fun new bloggy friends while I am away you should visit some of my very favorite bloggy buddies:
theArthurClan (Photo Tips)
Krystyn (Blog Design)
Kathy (Sweet Inspiration)
TATTOOED MINIVAN MOM (funny stories & naughty words. See post below for more details! ;) )
Mama Kat's (Post Inspiration)
Idabel (Random laughs, a touch of naughty & a splash of serious)
I have met some amazing women here in blogland. I could devote hundreds of posts bragging about their generosity. These ladies are loose with the smiles and give away kind words for free. They have never let me down. They are just a handful of the wonderful ladies that have shown me that kindness and help is only a comment section away.


The Rambler said...

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

Brave one I say to go in the Shark Cages? The one here in Hawaii?

Again, have fun!!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Awww...thanks for the shout out!

And, have a great time. We'll miss you and look forward to hearing all about it when you return!

Heather said...

Enjoy your vacation!

Thanks for all the wonderful links- I will definitely be checking them out!

Amy said...

Have a fun week. See you when you get back.

The Farmers Wife said...

Whoo, have a fantastic time!!! Have some fun for me too, mkay?

Corey~living and loving said...

Have a wonderful break! :)

Amy said...

I know you are taking time off. I just wanted to say hello.

Anonymous said...


Idabel Oklahoma said...

Look she still loves us! Even though we haven't visited here in forever....sniff..she's such a good blog friend..sniff..we sure love you! ENJOY YOUR TIME AWAY!

Donnetta said...

Hope you are having or have had a great trip!