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Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

I've been inspired to join in on Not Me Monday. I think it is a brilliant idea. So here is a little humor, a dose of brutal honesty and a taste of tough self love. Be sure to visit the original Not Me Master, McKMamma, http://www.mycharmingkids.net/
I did NOT think of 101 ways to punish my husband for having the audacity to sleep peacefully while I was up with the baby. I most certainly did NOT actually knock him upside the head and then convince the big lug he must have been having a nightmare. I also have never stuck both feet right in the middle of his back and pushed him out of bed. I then did NOT proceed to act startled, loving and concerned , " LOVE?! Are you okay? You just fell out of bed!!". No that was NOT me. Because I am a peaceful, loving wife who adores her husband all the time. I am NOT an occasionally bitter, sleep deprived housewife prone to moments of weakness and mistreating her husband. And by the way, my husband is NOT the most amazing, loving, fun and free spirited man I could ever ask for who also happens to now have a very sore back and slight concussion.
I also did not just send hubby for boxed cake mix for our daughter's very first Birthday even though I made our first daughter's carrot cake from scratch naturally sweetened with apple juice and cream cheese icing. Nope..IT WAS NOT ME!!
Dig the overbite?? You can see more cute pet pics,
courtesty of Picture the Moment Photography, at www.arftulsa.blogspot.com


Anonymous said...

Holy gorgeous tutu's, girl!!

The chipin button is the first thing on top of my blog. Above my first post. Right in the middle. I'm thinking it must not be showing up for you? Or, do you see it now?

Laura Marchant said...

OMG! I totally use to do the whole hit him and then pretend I didn't do anything :-)
Glad to here I am not alone.