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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thrifty or cheap?

This week I would love some two cents on drawing the line between thrifty and just plain cheap. I am a coupon virgin. That will soon change. I have my little coupon envelope. I even have a weekly meal plan. I'm armed and on the path to thrifty. I draw the line at washing and reusing my aluminum foil but that may change. What about you? Thrifty or cheap? Where do you draw the line?
My Two Cents: If you use restaurant coupons please take note that most restaurants won't allow coupons or gift cards to go towards your server's tip. Please tip your server 15% of your meal's full value or risk giving all coupon users a bad name. Saving money is grand but not at the cost of stiffing your waiter.



ha ha, I agree with you !

Snarky Belle said...

Sorry, this is too long. It won't hurt my feelings if you don't post it. I just had to tell you this story. :)

My mother-in-law really does wash and reuse her aluminum foil, and even drinking straws. But, this is a woman who rarely knew how she was going to feed her children, especially if things didn't go well in her garden. Once, on the interstate, a truck carrying tomatoes was overturned. She stopped and asked what they would do with all of the tomatoes. Since the truck had overturned, all the tomatoes would be thrown out. So, my husband and his siblings had to get out of the station wagon and load up as many tomatoes as possible. A lot of them were smashed up or bruised. They didn't care, they just wanted to eat. I guess that's more survival than cheap, but now she does things like washing the foil, etc.

I can't do it. But, like you said..that may change. I love your two cents...excellent point. Good luck as you venture out to lose your coupon virginity.

TuTu's Bliss said...

Snarky Belle..your comment reminded me of my own grandmother. We used to eat fried green tomatoes together. My grandpa wouldn't touch them. He would fuss at us and say that is what he had to eat when they were too poor and hungry to wait for them to ripen. I guess a lifetime of need marked him in a similar but different way.

larshannon said...

I don't know if this is thrifty or cheap, but I pay my kids in coupons for chores they do. It is funny to see a kid get so excited over a Walgreens rapid reward coupon. But hey, if it helps them buy a beanie baby, why not?

michelle said...

I'm just cheap. Always have been. Maybe due to being a granddaughter of the depression. I grew up in a home hearing don't use a napkin if you can use a paper towel and don't use a paper towel if you can use a sponge. Don't flush the toilet. Turn off the lights. I will buy the cheapest thing even though I know it will break, cause I don't want to spend the $$.
What's fab about the green movement? I can cloak my cheap in green and come off as so environmentally savvy!! hee hee