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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Bloggy Award Buffet

It is an all you can take award buffet. Please have your fill and gorge yourself on praise. There is something for everyone and I even created a new award for the girl that has everything!

Meet another Comment Queen!! This was a hard one. My box has been busting at the seams with both hysterical and touching comments. The prize goes to...Sweeter Living
Her comment delivered quality and quantity. I laugh every time I reread. Yes, I reread my comments. I fight depression by dipping into the comment box instead of my pill box. Here is a taste of her comment leaving goodness..
"That silver thingamajig should have been tested on male doctors... then we would quickly see a new invention: "the painless-featherlike-silkysoft-can'thardlyfeelit-supercareful-nonobtrusive-verygentle-device"
(her ENTIRE comment can be found in the comment box of Private Detectives, Zubbles and Mothering )

I got a bloggy nod from a glamorous therapist who has been married 32 years! She dishes out her secrets and has amazing skin! A happy marriage must be good for the complexion! TCBOTB

In the spirit of "Honest Scrap" I am supposed to tell you 15 honest things about me. The most honest things about me are that I am a complete failure at following directions. I am also horrible with numbers.

Then there is my favorite hair magician, Sugar spice and all hair nice. I think she must have some kind of child charming tricks. Her princess sits still for the most amazing hair art. The very best thing about her is that she is a comment leaving goddess. Her visits always put a little extra pep in my step! She thinks I'm fabulous and the feeling is mutual.

Next up is Blue Cotton Memory. She is a woman thriving in a family of men. She is dishing out discipline in the form of squats while I'm holding feather boas for ransom. She thinks my blog is lovely. I'm grateful that she thought of me since I am a wild mess of a mom who considers Harry Potter a book of substance. Who can resist a blog that comes with equal parts of love and opinions?

The following blog is so much better than bacon. It is one of the greatest compliments I can bestow on a fellow blogger. Bacon is that special final touch to salads, baked beans and crucial for breakfast gravy. Sorry PETA!

She makes me laugh. Reading her blog is like having an instant girlfriend to give you the honest scoop with a dose of laughter. Even bacon can't do that!

Another sweet award to celebrate from Brown Eyed Gal!

I hope you enjoy this bloggy buffet and finds something suited to your tastes. Thank you!

P.S: The bloggy buffet comes with no strings attached. So hoard them, share them, ignore them or brag about them to your hearts content!!


Melissa B. said...

Greetings, salutations and congratulations! SITS sent me over, and I'm glad they did!

noexcuses said...

I love that you spend so much time praising others, all the while teasing me with a peek into other delightful blogs! I just wish I had more time to visit all of them!
Thank you!

Lee said...

Here I am doing my usual blog hop and I see an award for me!! SMMOOOCCCHHH! Thank you thank you thank you!! Putting it on my blog RIGHT NOW!

Mammatalk said...

Thanks for the tips. Off to explore some new blogs!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your awards, and thanks for being so sweet! I so enjoy your blog!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Seriously..look at all of those awards! Wowzers!

Hope things are going better now (re:storms).

SugarandSpice said...

Thanks for saying such nice things about me!

Alicia said...

well goodness those are so many awards!!! congrats!