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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Your Two Cents Pretty Please

I would love it if you would share some free Two Cents. Give it or get it on everything from love to money and all the stuff in between. There is only one rule: Two Cents is free and you always get more than you pay for so, "You get what you get and you don't get upset". Two cents should be treated like free food, if you don't like it just don’t eat it.
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Now that we're clear. Post your two cents. Give it up! I know you have some! Thank you for supporting, sharing and loving Two Cents. I am digging your two cents on everything from chocolate dipped Mathew Matthew McConaughey from Idabelto Christmas Overkill from Mary Teresa
My First Ever Two cents on plastic surgery....
Once upon a time I thought plastic surgery was cheating and just plain unfair. Breast augmentation, face lifts and Botox raised the bar too high for all of us determine to walk in the skin God gave us. However, my milk titties have deflated and my prebaby body is in hiding and I am starting to reevaluate. It was easy for me, perky and smooth skinned, to point my wrinkle free finger at those Botox loving, tummy tuck addicts. Now I am a little weathered and my foundation is showing some cracks. I am starting to think of it more like maintenance than cheating. If your roof springs a leak wouldn't you spring for some new shingles? To not fix it would be irresponsible, neglectful. Let's face it, no one wants to see my rain buckets. I'm just not sure where I stand on this one anymore. What about you? Where do you draw the line? Do you have your own set of "paid and perkies"?
My Mother and Grandmother both had boob jobs. I do remember my Grandma's bust was permanently twenty something until the day she died. Shocked they were doing implants back then? Well, we are a feminine family of pioneers from the top of our cleavage to the tips of our toes. Grandma braved, a not so safe injection, directly under the skin all for the sake of beauty. My mom couldn't lift her arms for weeks. She was dainty so they inserted them via her armpits. Hmmm maybe mediocre breasts, vanity and insecurity are all genetic.
Want to join in? There is only one rule: Two Cents is free and you always get more than you pay for so, "You get what you get and you don't get upset". Two cents should be treated like free food, if you don't like it just don’t eat it. If you want to use the two cents icon it's all yours, just snag the code from the sidebar for your own blog. Post your two cents on your blog or in the comment section. Jump in on the current topic or start from scratch.


Anonymous said...

lol Boob job. I tease my husband I want one after the baby is done sucking the youth from them. He refuses. Maybe he will change his mind when they look like that of an orangutan.

Thanks for the comment on my blog, btw! I don't want to rush my baby, and I know he will come out when he is good and ready. I just hope it's before he is learning to shave ;)

Idabel Oklahoma said...

NAIW: I'm not for it. I just have a problem with the thought of something being put in a body that's not suppose to be there..just for looks.
WTRW: Had the boobies done after the kids sucked em' dry.
BAAW: I'm not for it. There's just too much put on how people look today. When 16 year old girls are wanting boob jobs there's something wrong in the world.
If Belle was here she'd say: Hell yes! I'll get plastic surgery. Who's buying?

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Thanks, Jen!

And, pre-kids...no way with the plastic surgery. Now, if I were rich, I think I would do it, too.

Pen to Paper; Spirit to Soul said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...sorry I caused tears. Angie's blog reminds me to be so thankful for my two teenage daughters and to work at being the wife and Mom God wants me to be.

Plastic surgery: I am just now, at 40, learning to live with the hair God gave me...no extra product, heat or anything unnatural! This is hard!!!
The body, hubs just has to love it for all the right reasons!

C♥ said...

I have had plastic surgery, and not by choice. I had it because I had very nasty horrible scars and needed a skin graft.

The doctors were so kind, and I would love to get plastic surgery again.

I don't think it's fake. You are paying for it. And if you want to make yourself "better" (I guess it's a question of taste.) then why shouldn't you be able to.

People get tattoos, why not bigger boobs!?

Unknown said...

aloha, and thank you for stopping by and saying hello on my blog! yes, hawaii IS a wonderful and magical place and you are so fortunate to be there NOW while new england is a frozen tundra!! for what its worth... here's my two cents and you dont know me from eve, so please take it for what its worth... if it were me... i wouldn't bother. ive had four babies... nursed over ten years (all together)...ive never had a man look at my boobs with anything but awe. yeah, i have stretch marks and no, they aren't as perky as they used to be (but then, *I*m not as perky as i used to be, either.) the other thing for me is that my breasts are incredibly sensual for ME - and i wouldn't want any surgery to interfere with that. they can never guarantee anything and nothing is as good as original equipment. now, having said all that, i will tell you i succumbed to liposuction at the age of 39... it was without a doubt THE WORST pain i have EVER felt in my entire life and i had four babies totally drug free without so much as an aspirin... yeah, it got rid of my saddlebags but i coudln't work out for a YEAR. so if it was me... i vote NO. but that's just my two cents ;). aloha!

tiarastantrums said...

I wouldn't ever get a boob job, I'm very small - like almost non existent unless I am pregnant or nursing a new baby. SO I think it would be weird on me to have boobs!

I would get a tummy tuck for sure though - after three babies, 3 C-sects - 2 hernias - my tummy is a mess.

I would love to get some fat sucked out of my fat arse and thighs - FOR SURE!!!!!!

AND - I have had Botox since I was 40! Right between my eyes - LOVE IT!

The Farmers Wife said...

Whoo, I am all aboard the new boobies cruiseline. I have been an A most my life, then nursing and bam, nice C's. Done nursing, back to A, DEFLATED A's. If you have never seen those, don't. I am pretty sure I have seen fourth graders who were bigger and I mean on the boys. It sounds lame, but I felt very depressed about my appearance. I have always been a twig, and suddenly it was like seeing a twig being attacked by saggy water balloons. Primarially in the boob region, thigh region, love handles and backs of my knees (yeah, thats a lovely look let me tell you. Back of the knee fat is the new black... not) Anyshway, I have told Hubs from the get go of this whole children journey that after I was done nursing our last (4 or 5) it was boob job city for me! I think its easy to say that you would never do it, but until you are faced with a sudden change that you are extremely uncomfortable with, you will never know. I would love to be able to put on a top and have it fit. Not be saggy or distorted in the chest. Especially dresses. Usually they have darts or a predetermined amount of breast space, and I NEVER fill it. And trust me, this was not fun when we attended, count them, 5 Marine Corps Balls. Fancy dresses, took me forever to find ones that weren't created for Miss perfect boobs USA. I appreciate my nursing boobs, and like the way they look. In my family I have also had 5 family members with breast cancer. I have entertained the idea of having all breast tissue removed and fakies put in, to help cut my chances. People spend tons of money on clothes, cars, personal maintence, yet they dont catch flak for trying to fit in, I realize its a little different. I just think when your chest sees a rnage of 4 sizes in the span of a year, there is no coming back from it. No? Just my two cents.

CC said...

I don't think I'd ever do it. Not worth the risks. That said, if something in my life changed (cancer, other health conditions) I'd likely change my mind...

Meg said...

As a feminist and a semi-granola type mom who didn't have her sons circumcised because it was an unnecessary surgery, I'd have a boob lift in a minute.

I think when people focus too much on their outward appearance at the expense of their inward self, it's a problem.

But if one is accepting of oneself and simply wants to be aestheically more pleasing, then, ya, lift those babies!!

Kamis Khlopchyk said...

I had a C-section with my first and I will NEVER ever go under the knife unless it is a health reason again.

I prefer exercise and diet to help make the old body look a little better. It is, believe it or not, less painful and more satisfying.

As for the ladies, a good push up bra solves all problems of that nature for me.


Corey~living and loving said...

I have extremely deflated boobies, but I don't believe I will ever have a surgery that isn't medically neccasary. I have heard too many horror stories, and many were about boob jobs. I just think it is a risk not work taking. I'm just gonna get me a really nice bra and call it good. :)

Kalyn said...

I totally agree with Prefers her Fantasy Life! If you are not doing it just to try to fix your self image then why not? I think of as getting your ears pierced, getting a hair cut, or getting waxed. We do all of those thing to be more aestheically pleasing. Sure there are alot more risks involved but they are slim. Go for it!! I would just make sure that my family is complete and I don't want anymore children. I'm not sure how good a boob job would look after giving having another child.

Jennifer said...

I would love the following:
*Breast Lift-Just the lift (them bad boys are big enough)
*Lapband followed by a tummy tuck
*Laser Hair Removal

That's not much considering what "Cat Woman: Jocelyn Wildenstein" looks like. Yeah, that's scarey! If you have the money, I say go for it.

Anonymous said...

I'm honestly considering getting a boob job after I have kids.

I've never quite agreed with that "don't mess with God's plan" argument. Personally, I was born naked and without any eyeliner on, but no one but my husband gets to see me like that now. :)

skinnylattemama said...

Nice Post!!! I know what's it's like to hae a post baby body...3 tims!!!! Where did you say the office was?.... Lol J/k

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

♥ Boomer ♥ said...

NO! Plastic on me? Never! I'll keep my smile lines. My frown lines.

I'll keep the reminders of my mother and grandmother, seen now on my face ... inherited righteously!

I'll be happy, thankful for what I've got up top.

Self-acceptance is sadly missing these days. I say we spend our money on those who need it, rather than feed our insecurities.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment to my blog! My "two cents" on plastic surgery is: After the baby is done sucking the perk right out, if want what you had back... then go for it! Just make sure it looks natural. I know a couple girls that look like they have salad bowls in their bras...not flattering at all and then I know a few ladies who had it tastfully done and it looks just fine. All the other stuff, tucking and proding and lipo and all that jazz... not so much... but if you work and work and work to lose that extra skin and it just won't melt off, if you need a little help... go for it. But don't sit around doing nothing and expect a boob job and a tummy tuck to help you out.

* said...

Dropping by from sits. I say what ever makes you happy. If someone is hung up on a physical flaw, why not fix it if they have reasonable expectations of the results.

Anonymous said...

Boob job, yep I have been there!! Got these suckers reduced a long time ago!! what I had before would have given me black eyes and seriously hurt someone!! I am all for plastic surgery, but there are people in this world who have had just way to much!!

I am stealing the two cents button and I have added my own two cents thing about the bachelor last night......lol If you want to come over and give me your two cents on that show!!

DiPaola Momma said...

My Two Cents changed after baby number 4 and the year I turned 35..hey wait that is a great title for a book, a bedtime story for moms!

Here is my thought. Whatever makes you happy girls. Really, if you can't make me loose weight or get me into heaven then I'm doing what I want no matter what you say. My "girls" are sagging and far too big (36 DD). I'm proud of them, they worked hard feeding four kids. But I'd like to get reaquainted with them and I can't do that when they keep spending so much time with my rapidly sinking belly button (I'd like to tuck that sucker up too). I'm terrified of needles and pain (though I did natural births, what a contradiction I am) but I'm also not digging that the little squirts at TGIFriday's don't card me anymore.. and they are sworn to card everyone that looks under 40 AND I'M NOT THERE YET!

vsm/whirling dirvish photography said...

I am all for the advancement of man. I want and will get tatas one day. Right now, I'm still nursing so it'll have to wait but soon very soon.. These funbags just ain't so fun lookin' anymore.
And botox... yes, I would love to take away the chickadee feet at the corners one day... Right now, I may be too young but at 50? Hell yes... vain? Probably. But I'm not really giving a shit.

Jamie said...

I had a breast reduction two years ago. I was a 40DDD prior and now I'm a 36B. I had my giant, long sagging boobs (from pregnancy and breastfeeding) shrunken and reformed into nice perky B cups. While my surgery was considered to be a medical procedure and paid for in full by my insurance, it did wonders for my self confidence and self esteem. I felt fat with those giant things, people (even women) never looked at my face and buying clothes was a nightmare.

Having done that, I am much more open to fixing the other imperfections that Mother Nature has given me. I have a front butt as a result of TWO 9lb babies that gave me a hernia and ruined my stomach muscles. I look 7 months pregnant all the time and constantly get asked when I am due (my youngest is now 7 years old) which is quite embarrassing to me and the asker. Shapewear does not help. Running three miles a day on the treadmill and 20 minutes of the Shred each day have defined all of the muscles except my stomach, and have helped me loose about 15 pounds, but my flabby stomach remains.
The only solution is a tummy tuck. If I had the cash, I'd do it tomorrow.

What people don't realize is that imperfections such as my belly cause low self confidence and can have long lasting effects.

My motto is you only live once... and if something makes you happy, do it.

However, there is such a thing as too much. All things in moderation....

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice said...

Is it too late?
I had a book job when I was 21 to even out my boobs. One side was an aug only the other was aug & lift.
One book looks perfect and feels normal the other (the list and aug) didn't heal well and I have massive scarring and have some pain and it doesn't sit right. It needs to be redone but I am scared to go under again. Someday I will but it's scary.
I had a very reputable dr too.
I was unable to breast feed as a result which was the worst ever and if I could do it over again I would probably do it but I would wait until after I had my kids and pick a surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction for a better result.

I'm not against surgery in anyway and I think if it will make you happier then DO IT! Just make sure that you don't think "it won't happen to you." Make sure you can live with the possibility of certain things that could potentially happen like scarring and a result other than what you expect.