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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let's Be Honest!

It's official, I'm award worthy and loving it. Thanks for making my day! So now I get to tell you ten honest things about me. I suffered many years from mom snobbery before being cured by my "base jumping" second baby. I officially lost all chance at my Mommy of the Year Award when the little precrawler plummeted from our bed sans parachute. Since the award is HONEST SCRAP this is where I admit that I actually lost my Mommy Award with my FIRST daughter when I really wanted to put my colicky princess on the back porch and sit inside curled up with some silence. I didn't but the desire knocked me from the running before she was even a solid three months. I do have a temper and I'm fierce when provoked. I have managed to avoid assault charges, not because I am exceptionally kind and loving but because I only pick fights I can win. Since I am really a small priss parading as a feminist hippy that pretty much eliminates all physical violence. Honestly, I WAS really small. Now my bottom is morphing into medium and headed in the direction of large. So I guess I'm a Smedium, for now. Finally, I'm a first class wuss. When hubby is in Iraq I sleep with lights on, a can of hairspray and a baseball bat. Hey, I never clamied to be rational! I think that is only about seven honest things. The rest are implied.
If you get this award just do a happy dance and consider it done. If you are not too exhausted from your victory dance you can pass it on to five bloggers and share ten honest things about yourself. If you were so thrilled you danced yourself to exhaustion then by all means just relax and don't stress. Get some rest. I know you are honored, thrilled and that you love me back. It is one of those things that just goes without saying.
Five honest award worthy blogs…
FUNNIEST POST EVER! Courtesy of Midwest Mommy
My Favorite Ducky the girl that every Ladies Night Out needs on the guest list!
Failing Gracefully An intriguingly honest and blunt look at the trials and tribulations of baby wanting.
A Newbie Gaining momentum and getting better by the minute.
Paula My 63rd follower. Yippee! Gotta love a girl willing to air her dirty laundry.

I would also like to briefly iAdd Imagenterrupt this post to introduce you to my newest, latest and greatest "Martha Worthy" friend. Seriously her blog is so gorgeous that she gives Martha a run for her money. Martha who? THE Martha! Her blog is, Imperfectly Beautiful
Imperfectly? HMMMM , I haven't seen anything imperfect yet. I'm still waiting and coveting her adorable haircut.
Don't forget this Tuesday's topic is Eye Candy. So give it up. What's your two cents? You can share your two cents on love at first site, Hollywood Hunks or anything else you want. I'll be posting a glimpse at my idea of the ultimate eye candy and asking your two cents on what it says about me.
And thank you for making my dayKATIE by sharing a great award and a daily peak at your adorable blog banner!


Unknown said...

congrats on the award!!! you sound like a lot of fun :)...alas i have no sense of myself as small - even though i used to be - and i too have been known to pick fights, although i never stop to wonder whether i could win them or not... maybe its just the wild irish in me that has no concept of what not-winning could possibly be! :)

vsm/whirling dirvish photography said...

OOOh kudos!!!! I've always been medlargish so smallness was never an option! Workin' on a medium though.

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

You are too kind, lady! Although, if anyone has ever seen that Martha movie they may not think you're bestowing me with a compliment (ha ha ha).

Love the honest scrap. Here's my two cents on being soooo imperfect. There are 8 dirty diapers laying in the corner of my bedroom, two sinks full of dirty dishes, 4 unmade beds, no home cooked meals for at least 2 weeks, and a naked Christmas tree standing in my living room...it is January the 18th.

Jennifer said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you. That just made my day!! :)

Sandra said...

holy cow... Your kids are so gorgeous!!!

I only have boys, have only wanted boys my whole life... however... seeing those tutu's makes my ovaries quake!!!

I used to be a dancer... real dancing... not exotic... for 20 years and those bring back fabulous memories for me!!!

Thanks for following my blog.. I'm following you too!

Jess said...

You are SO funny!! I love reading your blog!!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

Hilarious! In a way that only a mom can appreciate....oh, how I've won my "mom of the year award!"

There isn't enough room here to list it! And, speaking of smedium...that is so my size, too!

Fairy Princess Garden said...

Jen LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Thanks for keeping me going....
You have been given the "Lemonade Award" go to my blog for details: http://thefairyprincessgarden.blogspot.com/

♥Jacqueline said...

That's freaking awesome! Congrats on the award!

The Blonde Duck said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me! That was so kind. :) I can't wait for Tuesday!