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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Joy in Oklahoma

I lived in Europe, hiked South America and am now snuggle up in paradise but some of my favorite and most joyous times were spent in Oklahoma. Oklahoma was a beautiful awe inspiring place to live. Live like you vacation and vacation like you live. That means in your day to day life skip the movies. Skip the food chains. You don't have to wait for a vacation to experience new things. If you do this you can discover joy anywhere. Even your hometown can feel like a five star resort. Many of my most joyous times were spent at the following places throughout Oklahoma...
Robbers Cave (First friend date with hubby followed by our first "not so friend" kiss)
Heavener Rune Stone http://www.oklahomaparks.com/detail.asp?id=1%2B5U%2B5325
Turner Falls http://www.turnerfallspark.com/
**Safari's Sanctuary http://www.safarissanctuary.org/ ( One of my absolute favorite places in the entire world. It even trumped the Eiffel tower. It is a treasure and a reflection of a handful of animal lovers trying to save the world, one exotic animal at a time)
Winding Stair Trail http://www.trimbleoutdoors.com/ViewTrip.aspx?TripID=15855
**Molly's Landing Steakhouse http://www.mollyslanding.com/
(Located in Catoosa, OK. It could double as an adventure! It is amazing in every way.)
Pete's Place (Krebs, OK)
The Cattleman's Steakhouse (Oklahoma City)
The Original Coney Islander (Tulsa)

Moving to Oklahoma or planning an Oklahoma vacation? To make the most of your Oklahoma experience you must remember in the event of a possible tornado do NOT hide in the cellar, bathtub or other reasonably safe location. Instead, at least once, stand outside and be prepared to get God Smacked. It's just what we do. In the winter tie an inner tube to the back of the SUV and tube down the ice covered road. It's not safe but it is free fun!
Oklahoma is diverse and brimming with art. It is not just for rednecks and country music lovers. However, you should line dance at a small town country bar at least once. Just mind your manners and hold off on your redneck jokes. Sooners and Cowboys both practice "Nearly Southern Hospitality". What is "Nearly Southern Hospitality? A dose of brutal honesty punctuated with a smile and delivered with the best intentions.
Right now you can vote for the Oklahoma Blog Awards and some of my very favorite bloggers are up for nomination.

Okie Bloggers on the fence please swing in the direction of my favorites
** http://todayinidabeloklahoma.blogspot.com/
( Idabel is my personal favorite blog of all time. It is so deliciously random)

Joyous Moments prompted by Mama's Losin' It. More prompts to choose from if you click on the link above and visit Mama Kat. She practices "Nearly Southern Hospitality" too. She must be an Okie!


Laura Marchant said...

Seriously taking on a tornado? Tubing behind an SUV? You are nuts :-)
I think we need pictures of these...

Unknown said...

girl you forgot Ted's Mexican food!!!

Unknown said...

oklahoma!!! who'd've thunk it??!!! i never had much desire to a place where they have tornados, but then... i love hawaii and you have volcanos there! happy thursday!!!

Sandra said...

I never had an inkling to visit Ok until now.

You made it sound like paradise!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty cool to hear about OK. I don't really know that much about it!

namaste said...

Ok, I never thought OK would be so exciting! Nice job!

Sheri and George said...

I think I'm going to visit OK! Sounds like fun! I have actually line danced before so I'm game!

Robyn Jones said...

I ahve never been to Oklahmoa, but my dad was born there. It does sound very cool....(and I am with you on the tornado thing...I love them...insane I know.)

Summer said...

Maybe i'll make it there sometime! I've been stuck in Northwest Indiana my whole life =( - BORING!

Kim said...

We drove through Oklahoma when we went to Arizona in Sept. No wonder they have all those awesome windmills, they have a lot of wind.

The Blonde Duck said...

My mom and dad grew up in Oklahoma....

Jennifer said...

"tie an inner tube to the back of the SUV and tube down the ice covered road. It's not safe but it is free fun!"


Jenny and the Princess Peonies said...

My Father in Law has to go to Oklahoma for training and doesn't like it at all! I will ahve to tell him about some of these things. Thanks! :)

Mammatalk said...

What a beautiful post. Thank you for visiting me on my big, bloggy day!

Sera said...

Stopping by from Mama Kat's. I've never been to OK, but if I ever go there, now I know some cool stuff to do. Great post!

DiPaola Momma said...

Oh I LOVE this post! I feel the same way. I lived in Spain, traveled all over Europe, North Africa, Mexico and still find wonders here at home.. if you ever make it to Maryland stop by the Catochin Mountian Zoo annother great place for beloved animals and wonderful humans. Nothing beats a REAL crab shack like Cantler's in Annapolis(it's on the water, boats even pull in to "park") you eat on butcher paper, with your fingers and it's better than most places I ate at while in France. I make it a point to get my kids into the game. We have a monthly theme nite. They pick a destination, I cook food from there, we find pics from there and look up facts or even dowload music..it's a great way to "travel" (so far they like Morocco best).. congrats on your almost 6000 hits! it's not hokey it's great.. I'm almost at 3,000 (less than you but still I'm stoked about it!)

Island Girl said...

Stopping by from SITS - trying to do my part in getting you to 6000 hits :)

What great advice to "Vacation like you live.." I try to experience new things all the time, so I'm going to keep that motto!

Happy Friday!!