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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Power of Photo Props

First things first…a happy child is key to the perfect portrait and is more important than angle, shutter speed, backdrop or even lighting. Props not only add that special something to a portrait they can also help shy children forget the camera and get rambunctious children to stay right where you want them...
To get your child to "stand here", never say, "stand here".
Instead scatter something of interest in the direction you want your child to go and get the camera ready. A favorite tree, bush or backdrop?? Scatter seashells, flowers (real or silk), treats, prizes, jewels or Easter eggs in front of it and hand them a coordinating bag , basket or satchel.
Cameras are portable so move around and follow.. instead of trying to get your child to change position, change YOUR position and follow THEIR movements for "natural" poses and expressions. Click away! Your child does NOT have to be looking at the camera. Some of the best shots will be when your child is oblivious to you and the camera.
For this shot I scattered shells in the front yard and we went on a seashell hunt. We also go to the beach for treasure hunts and I hide prizes and toys in the sand. If you have snowy winters you can bury jewels, shells, money and other prizes in the snow for a winter treasure hunt. Remember treasure does not have to be expensive to excite your child. It actually helps to sneak in silly things when they aren't looking like an old sock to get them laughing and catch them by surprise. Be sure to have the camera ready. I hope you enjoyed the photo tips!


Karla said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog..yes I love your feature idea..you can email me dierctly through my main website www.thyme2dream.com or contact me through my etsy shop www.thyme2dream.etsy.com.

I love your blog- so much fun and beautiful photography:)


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Your photos are lovely and I really appreciate the tips!

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

Fun ideas, and beautiful photographs! Thanks for sharing these tips!

Unknown said...

Great tips : ). I always laugh when people tell children to look at them and think it will magically happen! Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving with your tutu wearers!