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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Writing Contest Alert!

There is a cool writing contest for short stories and poetry coming up with a $1,000 prize! Sadly for Sixfold Journal submissions are down but that just means better odds for my fellow poets. The deadline is July 24th and I know you bloggy babes have some poetry and stories lying around.  So wipe the oatmeal and breast milk off your keyboard and get to work. I did! The best part is the winner is selected by your writing peers and not some elusive editor with pursed lips and a stash of preprinted rejection letters. You'll even get to act all professional and leave feedback. If you enter let me know and I'll send you a gumball and a temporary princess tattoo. What? It works for my girls! I guess I need to start a separate big girls prize box if I intend to effectively bribe you all. The entry fee is only six bucks. You get to enter and read other people's work. I spend more than that in library fines! I loved being able to submit online. The kids were able to duct tape the walls, swirl the cats tail in the toilet and finger paint my favorite bra without any interruptions from me. Good Luck!!

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