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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Traditions?

My grandmother had a tiny thumbnail sized elf hat. We would find it at Christmas in shoes and under the sofa. It was always moving. It belonged to a shifty little elf that always popped in around Thanksgiving and couldn't manage to keep his hat on. We were always hunting for him. He was Santa's spy and when we were naughty he would rush off to keep Santa posted. The hat was eventually lost forever but the sweet memory remains.
So next to Santa's cookies will be a tiny package. Inside will be a very tiny pair of shoes for our Christmas elf this year. We are having them custom made for the elf's curly toes.

Where does a girl go for shoes under 2inches and fit for Santa's helper? I called on Etsy.com and posted a custom request. Several sellers contacted me with wonderful ideas and jumped at the chance to be part of our tradition. Princess has decided our Christmas elf is a velvet loving, sparkle diva so we chose FaerySpell Creations . Everything in the shop looks like it was gathered from dreams and spun into reality. We can't wait to see what the artist comes up with.

A different designer, blue flame , offered to do a pair of elf shoes in green leather. I am so in-love with the idea I might buy another pair of elf shoes. An elf can never have too many shoes! Thank you to everyone on Etsy that was willing to help us add an extra dash of magic to our holidays for years to come! I loved looking at all your wonderful creations.

What unique, fun or sweet thing do you do as a family?


Andrea said...

There must be an elf shop somewhere. Blessings, andrea

Ali said...

What a great memory and what a great new tradition!

Laume said...

You can request custom orders on Etsy!? Oh, this opens whole new doors of possibility!

♥ Kathy said...

What a sweet tradition Jen! We always made cookies and hot chocolate for Santa when my kids were still little. I miss those days. My grandfather used to stomp across the roof ringing bells and we all thought it was Santa :) One of my favorite memories ♥

Mammatalk said...

How wonderful! Green leather elf shoes? You may have just started a new tradition in my house!!

Stephanie said...

This may be one of the sweetest traditions I have ever heard of. Just can't top it!

Andrea said...

You have a blog award on arise 2 write.

The Blonde Duck said...

That is so cute!!!!

We're in the process of creating our own traditions, since we don't have kids yet. We haven't even had a Christmas alone together yet! The one I want to start is a cinnamon rolls and Christmas lights tradition--where we have cinnamon rolls for dinner and go look at Christmas lights. That's my goal for next Sunday, anyway!